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Exchange rates of electronic and digital currencies

Many Internet users have electronic money that is stored in the accounts of certain payment systems. Such funds can be used to pay for goods / services. Everyone keeps money in a certain virtual currency. From time to time you have to transfer funds from one currency to another. Therefore, customers of payment systems need to monitor the exchange rate so as not to lose on conversion.

What is better Yandex Money or Webmoney?

Such a concept as virtual money is familiar to almost everyone today. It so happens that, on the one hand, you will not surprise anyone with this, on the other hand, there are still many people who have never used such services. Many are simply repelled by ignorance or distrust of digital money. However, the number of users of such payment systems as WebMoney and Yandex.Money is in the tens or even hundreds of millions.

Which payment system is the best?

The development of the global network and the popularity of making money in the electronic field have led to an increase in the popularity of electronic payment systems. Now, almost every network user has a wallet where you can transfer funds and use them to transfer to other users, pay for goods or services in online stores, to pay off debts, and so on. But which payment system is better? What criteria should you focus on when choosing? Which electronic payment system is suitable and will be the best for beginners?

What does a regular Internet bank consist of?

Internet Banking is a provided service for managing a clients bank account via the Internet. Every hour there are more and more people on the virtual web. Requests are growing inexorably. The banks system, its stability, as well as confidence in financial and credit institutions are growing and improving.

Why are foreign payment systems worse than ours?

Russian-language payment systems are very popular not only among the population of the Russian Federation, but also among citizens of the post-Soviet countries. Foreign analogues are not yet so in demand due to the current restriction on electronic financial transactions. If we consider foreign payment systems from the point of view of convenience and an accessible set of possibilities, then Russian users have a worse attitude to the issue of using them as the main platform for working with electronic payments. High-quality functionality, full access to a set of capabilities and a logically constructed algorithm for conducting financial transactions - this is the minimum set of qualities that an electronic payment service should have.

Why are foreign payment systems better than ours?

An electronic payment system is a cashless money transfer system using automatic coding and processing of information data. Used to deposit and withdraw money. Such systems usually have their own electronic currency. Payment systems are almost 100% reliable. Qiwi, Webmany, Yandex.Money and other systems, which are gaining momentum in Russia, have earned user confidence. But some users of the global network are looking for information about why foreign payment systems are better than ours? Lets consider the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular electronic payment systems, each of which offers different conditions for money transfers.

Why is there no one single payment system?

The older generation is witnessing the birth of the worldwide Internet. People born in the fifties of the last century studied a subject called AIS (automatic information systems) in humanitarian universities. Then they predicted the emergence of a unified information system, but few believed in it. And in spite of everything, she appeared. I wonder what will be the fate of the idea of creating a unified payment system.

Why is it better to link your card in the payment system?

The invention of electronic money can be called a real sensation, they have significantly expanded the functions of conventional monetary units. To carry out transactions with their use, electronic payment systems were created. A new kind of remote work - freelancing is unthinkable without them. An example of this is the relationship between an employer from one state and a performer from another. And with systems such as WebMoney, Qiwi and many others, you can transfer money in any currency that is equivalent to the country where the subjects of financial relations live.