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Why is currency on the internet not legally real money?

In recent years, there have been more and more conversations about the features of electronic money, their status. Not only users, but also many legislative structures do not understand the legal regime of electronic money. On the one hand, payment systems operate on the territory of Russia and follow generally accepted restrictions, but on the other hand, it is not clear what electronic money is legally. What is their essence? Electronic money is currently a special type of money that is transferred between users and does not involve opening a bank account. The main task is the fulfillment of financial obligations by the party that presented the money to third parties.

What happened to Yandex.Money over the past 5 years?

Yandex.Money is a well-known and popular payment system, which is one of the services of the well-known company Yandex. The emergence of a new payment system dates back to 2002, but over 14 years of operation, the company not only expanded its functionality, but also changed its policy in many ways. What happened to Yandex.Money in recent years? What innovations have become available to users? What are the latest changes in Yandex.Money worth knowing about? Lets consider these issues in more detail.

Why is a profitable exchange on the Internet not everywhere?

The use of electronic money has become an invariable part of our life. With the help of virtual currency, people make transactions, repay loans at the bank, pay for goods and services, pay for utilities, buy tickets, and so on. But payment systems open up another opportunity - currency exchange. Thanks to this option, it is possible to make a quick and profitable exchange of electronic money with the subsequent use of virtual funds for making a payment, making a transfer, and so on. The problem is why the best electronic currency exchange rate cannot be found everywhere. Why this happens will be discussed in the article.

Why is the e-Pay payment system interesting?

The computer world is hourly approaching the real world. Crowds of people on the streets in line to a banking institution, someone came to transfer money to relatives, another wants to know the interest on the deposit, and the third is painfully waiting time in the hope of a positive answer on a bank loan (loan). At the dawn of the 21st century, this was a reality. Everything was like this until, one after another, electronic payment systems began to appear on the Internet: domestic and international.

Payment system Vkontakte? Is this possible?

Social services unite millions of people under their wing, which sooner or later pushes the creators to organize their own payment system. The social network Vkontakte was no exception. So, in April 2010, the Vkontakte payment system appeared, which existed for a little more than a year, and was closed in August 2011. How did Vkontakte money work? What were the peculiarities of the system, and why did it close? Are there any prospects for PS in the future? These issues require detailed consideration. Indeed, the controversy around this phenomenon does not subside.

Who monitors the circulation of electronic money and why?

Electronic currency has long been a part of modern society. People get themselves wallets, make transfers, make payments online, and perform a number of other operations. The monthly turnover reaches several million dollars, and this figure is only growing. A logical question arises as to who controls the circulation of electronic money. If the cash is under the supervision of the Central Bank of the country, then what is the principle of controlling the circulation of electronic currency?

What is the CLS payment system?

The emergence of electronic money was the foundation for the emergence of the corresponding payment systems. Otherwise, the virtual currency could not fulfill its functions. Such widely known as Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, have firmly entered the rhythm of modern computer life. Digital currency users are now able to make transactions online.

What is interesting in the X-Plat payment system?

Over the past 10-15 years, more than a dozen payment systems have been operating on the Internet, many of which have already ceased to exist. But there are also those that work successfully, develop and delight their users. One of these systems is X-Plat. What are the advantages of the system? What principles does it work on? What are the features of the X-Plat? The article is devoted to these issues.