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Service bonus program

2021-01-09 00:00:00

The XCHANGE exchanger is constantly being improved and is ready to present new functionality and a new opportunity to save money on exchanges for our users.

The bonus program of our service gives the user the opportunity to make exchanges even more profitable.

In order to use the Bonus program, you need to fulfill a simple condition - after the exchange, leave a review about our work on the BestChange website .

The bonus in our system is equal to the Russian ruble. You can spend the accumulated bonuses only when making an exchange on our website. When using bonuses during the exchange, their volume cannot exceed 20% of the total exchange amount. The accrual of bonuses depends on the exchange amount and is equal to 1% of this volume, but no more than 50 bonuses .

Below we give a few examples of bonuses for a clearer understanding:

  1. For example, you made an exchange for the amount of 1000 rubles, 1% of 1000 rubles is 10, which means that 10 bonuses will be credited to 
  2. If you made an exchange in the amount of 3999.50 rubles, you will be credited with 39 bonuses. In this example, the exchange amount is not an integer, the accrual of bonuses will be rounded down to a whole number.
  3. You have made an exchange for the amount of 10,000 rubles or more, 50 bonuses will be credited to you. Why not 100? The program provides for a maximum crediting of bonuses of 50.

So, first you need to follow the link: https://www.bestchange.com/xchange-exchanger.html




Press the button "Add a review", monitoring will open a window for generating a review:


In this window, you will need to fill in the fields and provide the simplest data: name, email address and exchange number. There is also a field "Review", where the user will need to enter his review.

Be sure to include an existing email address. After filling out the form and clicking on the "Give feedback" button, you will receive a letter by e-mail, where you will need to follow the link and confirm the placement of the review. If this is not done, then monitoring will not publish a review and bonuses will not be credited to you.

When filling out the form, be sure to enter the number of your exchange request, after which you leave a review. We will add bonuses to your internal account based on the amount of your exchange, according to the algorithm described above.

In your personal account in the "My Balance" section, you can see the number of Bonuses accrued to you and their total number:



How to use bonuses when exchanging and get a discount?

Everything is simple here! When creating an application, the user must put a check mark (tick) next to the "Write off bonuses" function and now paying for the application for the selected number of written off bonuses is less rubles.

After completing the exchange on the site, you can also assess individual aspects of the work of our service and receive bonuses to your account. It looks like this:



Our service reserves the right to edit the bonus program, change the conditions and / or accrue bonuses, as well as completely cancel the bonus program at any time without any special notification to users. Any changes in the bonus program take effect immediately after the publication of information about them on the XCHANGE website.

We wish you good exchanges with XCHANGE!