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Easy transfer to Bitcoin online

2017-11-09 00:00:00

What can explain the growing popularity of digital currencies? There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Constant increase in stock quotes. The cost of Bitcoin virtual coins has already exceeded 7 thousand US dollars and continues to increase. Similar indicators of other altcoins also increased significantly .
  2. Confidentiality of currency transactions carried out through the functionality of the payment system of the same name.
  3. Low fees and much more.

Against the backdrop of everything noted above, is it any wonder that the number and volume of transfers to Bitcoin of other assets carried out online are only increasing every day. At the same time, transfers are especially in demand not for the sale of digital assets, but in the direction of their acquisition. Just look at the latest achievements of the first of the cryptocurrencies , and it will be easy to understand that it is an investment "miracle", which allows not only to preserve the value of savings, but also to significantly increase them.

Why is it necessary to carry out transactions using digital assets online? This feature is due to the virtual essence of this type of money, which is called the currency of the Internet, because digital coins are intended for mutual settlements remotely. They are known to be devoid of physical incarnation and it is not possible to operate on them in any other way. Given the solidity of stock quotes, it is worth considering the feasibility of using different options for transferring fiduciary or electronic funds to Bitcoins . After all, no one is happy with the extra costs that may be present in the process of acquiring the first cryptocurrency . The main areas include:

  1. Direct conversion with the participation of private money changers in the conversion process.
  2. Purchase of valuable virtual coins through the functionality of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. Implementation of conversion manipulations through online exchangers .

A discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each method will be the topic of our story.

Direct transfer of various assets to bitcoins online

How to save on transactions carried out using Bitcoin ? This question is being asked by more and more potential Bitcoiners today . Why potential? The reason is quite simple, as experienced crypto asset holders are well aware of the risks involved in direct conversion to Bitcoin of various fiduciary or electronic counterparts.

Of course, on thematic web resources dedicated to the phenomenon of digital currency, you can find many very profitable offers for acquiring Bitcoin . At the same time, quotes can be much better than exchange analogues. But it is worth thinking about the expediency of such cooperation. Indeed, behind all this there may be a banal fraud scheme, taking part in which, for sure, you will lose money without receiving Bitcoin virtual coins in return .

Of course, you can also meet honest money changers, but in percentage terms , the probability of such an outcome is very small. Therefore, illusory savings may well turn into real bankruptcy. Even the duration of a partnership with an unknown person cannot be a panacea, and there are many examples of this.

Converting to Bitcoin through exchanges

Talking about where to buy Bitcoins , and deciding to use the services of trading resources, it is worth taking a short historical digression. Exchanges began to rapidly gain popularity against the backdrop of the first surges in the value of the main cryptocurrency , which took place 4-5 years ago. The trading platforms of the first generation, as it turned out, were staffed with personnel that were not distinguished by high professionalism, and many simply went bankrupt, disappearing along with the solid savings of numerous clients. Today, there are exchanges of a new formation operating on the market, which are solid players who have not accidentally earned a well-deserved business reputation over the years of operation, but all this cannot be considered a guarantee. It suffices to give an example of the BTC-e exchange, which until recently was the flagship of the Russian-speaking segment. The story of the closing of the latter turned into a real thriller in the summer of 2017.

Among the advantages of the exchanges, one can single out the presence of an option that reserves funds on the trading accounts of participants after the activation of the conversion transaction, which is a guarantee of the execution of the order. The undoubted advantage is also the variety of traded currency pairs.

To fully disclose the topic, it is necessary to highlight the shortcomings that accompany the process of transferring various assets to Bitcoins through the functionality of the Exchanges:

  • Trading on such resources is carried out by creating special orders, the correct indication of contact details in which, as well as the establishment of rates close to reality, is a prerequisite for the fastest possible purchase or sale of crypto coins . Mastering the rules for compiling orders causes some difficulties among new users who are just learning the basics of currency speculation.
  • Contrary to common misconceptions, marketplace services cannot be free. Maybe the administration does not take a bribe for replenishing the deposit, but the provider that carries out the transfer in a given direction will definitely remove certain percentages from the amount that is deposited into the trading account by the client. In some cases, the fee can reach 5%, and very often you will have to pay another 0.001 BTC for the withdrawal of virtual coins of the first cryptocurrency from the trading deposit.
  • Exchanges exist and ensure their performance by charging from 0.2 to 0.5% of each successful trading manipulation.
  • We have already discussed security standards and their shortcomings above. Perhaps they will become more advanced after the advent of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, but time will tell.
  • Transfers to Bitcoins of various units of account, carried out through the functionality of exchanges online, can hardly be called fast. Even if the user correctly activates the order, indicating the correct data and asset quotes that are close to the current market indicators, the transfer may be delayed indefinitely until a counter offer appears.
  • Not many are tempted by the need to go through the process of registration and account verification. After all, alternative monetary units are good because they allow financial manipulations with a high degree of confidentiality, which is impossible on trading floors.

Of course, the option of using exchanges looks very solid against the background of direct exchange, but it is by no means the only alternative to private money changers.

Profitable acquisition of Bitcoins through online exchangers

So, where to buy Bitcoins in the most profitable, fast and safe way? It is recommended to carry out conversion transactions through exchangers . This segment is characterized by a high level of competition, which means the quality of services provided by specialized online resources. Of course, diversity can hardly be considered the equivalent of quality, but even here we can single out clear leaders, among which the Xchange.sh conversion web platform should be noted.

By and large, such resources offer similar conditions for both one-time conversion and long-term cooperation, but this exchanger deserves close attention for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. High transaction speed.
  2. Profitability of exchange rates.
  3. Professionalism and efficiency of the support service.
  4. Work in 24/7/365 mode, without holidays and weekends.
  5. The simplicity of the interface, designed in a minimalist style and the ease of access to a variety of options located on the main page.
  6. The reasonableness of the loyalty policy and the profitability of the partnership program.
  7. A variety of directions for the implementation of conversion manipulations.
  8. Literacy of the offer, equated to a legal document to regulate legal and other types of issues and frictions that may arise between the administration and the clientele.

Of great importance is the simplicity of the algorithm of actions required to transfer various assets into Bitcoins , which are presented in abundance on the official website https://xchange.cash/ . The sequence of manipulations, in this case, must be observed, and they look like this:

  • must specify the correct address of the Bitcoin wallet where the virtual coins purchased by the user will be transferred.
  • Enter a valid email address in the appropriate box.
  • Specify the amount of currency to be converted. At the same time, the built-in online calculator will automatically display how much Bitcoin will go to the user's wallet, taking into account bonuses and discounts after the transfer is completed.

Separately, some advantages of Xchange.sh should be highlighted, such as:

  • Affiliate program that allows you to earn through the activity of attracted users. Additional income can be quite solid if you create an extensive referral network, where referrals of the first and second levels bring 0.6 and 0.2% of the income from the total volume of their transactions.
  • In order to receive percentage discounts from 0.05 to 0.12% on your own, you can not only actively convert other funds into Bitcoins , but also carry out transactions in various currency pairs presented on the Xchange.sh exchanger .
  • While waiting for the receipt of money, you can combine business with pleasure and read informational, educational and technical materials located in the sections "FAQ", " Wiki " and "News".
  • Another advantage of this conversion site should be considered the ability to carry out conversion transactions in incognito mode, without verification and creating an account. But you should know that in this case standard commissions will be charged, excluding bonuses and cumulative discounts.

Being a commercial web resource, the exchanger takes a certain percentage from each successful currency manipulation carried out by users. Although the amount of fees cannot be compared with the quality of the Xchange.sh service, which allows you to quickly, profitably and safely carry out, online, the transfer of various assets into Bitcoins .