The opinion of experts on the prospects for Ripple


This year has been a difficult year for Ripple - the litigation has severely damaged not only the companys reputation, but also affected the interests of many investors who have invested in XRP. But according to an old partner of the company, the CEO of SBI Group, which is literally considered a giant in Japanese finance, Ripple is going to go public if it wins a case against the SEC, the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The cryptocurrency community learned about such plans at the beginning of last year, when the Ripple CEO spoke at the economic forum in the city of Davos. And already at the end of the year, the company was seriously charged by the financial regulator for the fact that the company illegally sold securities, issuing them as its own tokens. The problem is that the securities were allegedly not registered, and the company had no right to trade them. And in the process of the transaction, Ripple received $ 1.3 billion - a fabulous profit, which is why, in fact, this incident attracted the attention of state securities regulators.

Nevertheless, all these proceedings did not prevent the April growth in the price of the XRP cryptocurrency, and it was equated to two dollars. In the first week of April, Ripple got the opportunity to study the internal documents of the commission and hoped to find evidence that the charges, false and earlier, the commission called the tokens exactly cryptocurrency, and not securities. Obviously, Ripple employees did find something, because after five days they filed a petition in order to reject the SECs claim. Ripple believes that the charge of willful violation of the law was unfounded, since the commission did not provide convincing evidence of this.

This allows us to say that the process will probably end peacefully, although it is too early to spread about a complete and devastating victory. There are speculations that the commission will simply withdraw the claim and report that it has no claims against Ripple, but time will still show how this trial, which has been going on for several months, will end. In the future, the token may rise to $ 2, as in April, and under favorable circumstances, experts say, it may also rise to $ 6 or $ 7. It is not yet known exactly what circumstances are in question, but so far this token cannot be called a reliable investment, since it has the property of both growing and falling significantly in price within one session.