Ethereums market cap overtook Bank of America

Cryptocurrency Ether continues to gradually strengthen its position in the general digital currency market. At the same time, the altcoin has already been able to surpass and pass the three thousand dollar barrier.

Bitcoin forks are gaining popularity

On the last day of April 2021, Bitcoin made another leap and rose immediately by 7 percent. Many immediately rushed to predict the resumption of the period of price growth, at least short-term. This landmark session of the BTC was the reason for the growth of Bitcoin forks, in particular BSV and BCH.

Development of the US Department of Justice of a large-scale cryptocurrency tracking program

Despite the already difficult relationship of the US government with cryptocurrency, the authorities are going to tighten the regulation even more. In particular, it is planned to develop special measures to monitor operations with Bitcoin, as cases of extortion have become more frequent lately. Governments expect more aggressive controls on Bitcoin to reduce the risk to users who are under pressure from extortion programs.

The opinion of experts on the prospects for Ripple

This year has been a difficult year for Ripple - the litigation has severely damaged not only the companys reputation, but also affected the interests of many investors who have invested in XRP. But according to an old partner of the company, the CEO of SBI Group, which is literally considered a giant in Japanese finance, Ripple is going to go public if it wins a case against the SEC, the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Australian residents will be able to buy bitcoins at regular post offices

As the CoinDesk portal informs, Australian residents will be able to buy cryptocurrency, including bitcoins, at ordinary post offices, of which there are more than three and a half thousand in the country. The purchase will be possible using the Post Billpay service.

The digital currency was included by the Central South Korean Banks in the state program for the development of the Korean economy

The South Korean Central Bank has confirmed its involvement in the development of CBDC, the official digital currency. According to Regulation Asia, the Central South Korean Bank has developed a special program until 2030 to develop the Korean economy.

China may pass a law giving the right to inherit bitcoins

According to Bitcoinist, the authorities of the Peoples Republic of China are currently considering a bill, which is supposed to introduce cryptocurrency and other Internet property as assets subject to inheritance rights.

Telegram launches cryptocurrency

Telegram has decided to launch its blockchain platform called Telegram Open Network (TON)