TRON blockchain summit suffered coronavirus

The niTROn blockchain meeting was postponed due to the lightning epidemic of the coronavirus.

Huobi Blockchain Testnet Launches

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi is launching its own blockchain on the testnet.

The fall in the price of bitcoin continues, how to predict the course in the future?

The rate, the fall of bitcoin, the reasons for the collapse, the latest news, how to predict the rate and what is needed for its stability

The average mining difficulty for two weeks was 71.43 EH / s

Interest in Bitcoin and its mining is constantly increasing. In 2019, miners from China calculated that the complexity of the Bitcoin network was more than 70EH / s. Market changes in mining. The technical side of mining.

Cryptopensions coming soon

The Akropolis project is a unified system that is built on blockchain technology and allows you to save or manage pension funds. The emission of the project is 4 billion AKRO tokens. Features and benefits of Akropolis.

Cryptocurrency market capitalization decreased by 16% in July

The total capitalization gave Bitcoin a 2.6% increase in weight and influence. In July, the quotes of Vitcoin decreased by 7%. Dynamics of Ethereum and Ripple. Important events in the crypto industry in July.

About 3 million Tether tokens are bought daily

Tether is an opportunity to quickly and reliably transfer the profits of Chinese businessmen to their home countries. The volume of token purchases per day is 10-30 million dollars. Today, Tether coin is ranked 7th in terms of capitalization.

Promising cryptocurrencies 2019

During Q1, overall interest in cryptocurrencies, exchanges and the industry increased. The price of Bitcoin in May rose sharply to $ 9000, altcoins also gave rise. Consider promising projects in 2019.