ICO project evaluation, what to look for

Tools for analyzing ICO projects. Evaluation criteria and coefficients. Bitcoin as a benchmark.

Unidentified hackers stole $33 million from a major Japanese exchange

Hackers hacked the largest Japanese exchange and stole about $ 33 million. Investigation of the Bitpoint hack. Blockchain threatens the security of banks. Bankers admit that blockchain is still a poorly understood network.

Pending Orders and Internal Balance New Features on Xchange

Want to sell bitcoin profitably, but dont have time to follow the dynamics of the rate? Especially for you, we have added a new feature on our website - Pending Order.

Ripple and Amazon - the prospects for such a tandem

Ripple digital altcoins are becoming more popular every day. From a commercial point of view, this cryptocurrency looks attractive for use in the global financial market. With support from a number of banks and regulators, Ripples management is trying to forge a relationship with Amazons merchant service. When measured from the point of view of an online platform, such cooperation can bring a lot of benefits. First of all, we are talking about fast processing of transactions and their low cost.

Is there a chance of destroying Bitcoin

Lack of confidentiality is not the only Bitcoin problem that directly affects the security of the first cryptocurrency network. The existing risks are associated with the specifics of the structure of a young ecosystem and do not depend on its users. The network participants cannot influence the current order of things, but the awareness of the potential threat allows us to predict the behavior of digital gold when certain circumstances occur.

John Rampton Shares His Experience of Blockchain-Technology Business Application

The entrepreneur in the sector of Internet-marketing, founder of the online-payment company Due,

A New project of Russian Financial Market Development

Our exchanger continues covering interesting news of the financial world. The bank of Russia has presented a new direction for development of the financial market to be put into life in the nearest three-four years.

Effective rescue - sidechains

Blockstream promotes sidechains in order to resolve a political problem in the system.