Breakthrough in Users’ Data Security. Protection Mechanism

Data processing technologies for their short life have succeeded to enter the life of ordinary people and become a must-have instrument of business, including correspondence, and control over major processes of daily activities of mankind. 

Where Are Delusions Concerning Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Originated from?

The great role of print-media in forming a public opinion shouldn’t be doubted; however, sometimes incompetence of journalists is disastrous. Generally speaking, they are ready to go the whole hog to raise their rating and increase circulation. As a resul

About hijacking accounts in social networks and banking data

RSA Security, a recent acquisition (2006) of EMC for $2.1 billion, conducted unique researches: it made up a price-list on hacking services related to stealing personal data. They discovered that the most expensive and called-for service is getting the in

Hackers and Banks (A Chronicle of Sensational Crimes)

The recent announcement of the department “K” about the prevention of grand larceny (totaling to over 1.5 milliard roubles) is evidence of unprecedented growth of frauds in the sector of IT technologies. I believe you will find interesting the list of the

​Advantages and Role of Bitcoin Core Policy in Bitcoin Devel

Amazing Bitcoin world is creation of human mind. Having born in human brain, cryptocurrency continues its progress on its own forming polished to perfection mechanism, which operates on the principle of harmony.

Is It True That Bitcoin ATMs Are So Wide-Spread?

Within a short time Bitcoin has risen to international fame. In the course of time there emerged a necessity of machines to trade cryptocurrency. The history of Bitcoin ATMs began in 2013. Robocoin became the pioneer in this field. The novelty was success