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Blockchain Harmony will become the owner of its Web3 wallet

27.05.2022 Harmony is a blockchain system based on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. She will become the owner of her cryptocurrency wallet. It became known as Timeless 1Wallet. This information was published by DappRadar specialists, with a reference to the creators of the product.

At the moment, the products are being developed. The release of the program for testing for users with devices with software for iOS was scheduled for the end of the first half of the year. Gadgets with the Android operating system are also planned to be introduced into support. The timing of the implementation of this startup has not yet been covered.

The technical aspects of the process remained a secret. The creators revealed to the public some of the functions of the future product. First of all, the wallet will receive support exclusively for its own Harmony token. It will be called ONE. In the future, the list will expand.

Additionally, the Timeless 1Wallet will provide customers with the opportunity to use all DeF and NFT transactions. In addition, it will be possible to embed chat as a single network for all users. However, before the introduction to testing, it is not known which of these will be available in the trial version and the final version.

Previously, it was assumed that the Robinhood broker would create its own wallet. The new element will allow participants to conduct exchange transactions without commission fees for the network. It is still unknown how the issue of interest costs will be resolved. Additionally, this broker promises to provide access for NFT, as well as provide passive income by storing digital resources.