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New hacker attacks on MetaMask wallet


MetaMask wallet has undergone a phishing attack by hackers. This time, cybercriminals used a special bot, with the help of which they tried to extract secret information about users wallets. The bot sends a message to the wallet owner, allegedly on behalf of technical support, in which it collects data about problems in the manner of a survey. What looks like a harmless official poll from MetaMasks tech support representatives is a clever trick to trick the secret phrase out of the wallet.
If the user believes the bot and names the passphrase, the attackers will immediately have full access to the wallet and all its contents. This will mean a complete loss of funds and trust in the service.

As soon as the developers identified this problem, users were immediately warned - all clients of the company were sent a warning message about a hacker attack with a detailed description of the scammers strategy and a list of recommendations on how to behave in the event of a message from a bot. To create a survey, the Google Docs service was used, with which MetaMask does not work, which is what the program developers pay attention to. Employees of the MetaMask service for the Ethereum network value their customers, so they always try to prevent phishing attacks. However, hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and sometimes they manage to bypass even serious security systems.

With the help of a bot, hackers can get into the wallet and independently dispose of the funds on it. The developers warn that you should not trust messages from third-party accounts too much, and also remind you that it is very dangerous to follow external links without knowing where they will lead. If a user suddenly becomes a victim of a phishing attack, it is imperative to report the work of the scammers. MetaMask emphasizes that the wallet does not work with Google Docs, since it has its own functionality for getting help from technical support.

Today MetaMask is the leader in the ranking of cryptocurrency wallets based on Etherium. Over the past month, the number of active clients of the service has broken a record of 5 million, and the popularity of the wallet continues to grow. Recently, most users are seriously interested in the MetaMask Swaps option, which allows you to trade ERC-20 tokens on other decentralized exchanges.