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The PayBox payment service is an online platform for conducting financial transactions between sellers and buyers. This is still a very young company - its activity began in 2004. However, this payment system has great prospects. Already, the client base has a huge number of people. The sphere of influence of the EPS has spread far beyond the borders of our country. Payment services are in demand in many neighboring countries.


The MOBI.Money electronic payment system brings freedom and comfort into our lives. Now you do not need to go to the bank office, stand in long lines and fill out receipts. MOBI.Money allows you to make financial transactions online. In this case, even the presence of a computer is not necessary: ​​all types of payments can be made through a mobile phone or tablet.


The PayCash electronic payment service is the brainchild of three companies: the Aerodynamic Services Corporation, the Tavrichesky banking organization and the Alcor financial group. With the help of a payment card, users can conduct fast, safe and profitable payment transactions. The system maintains the confidentiality of payments, however, in case of unforeseen or disputable situations, the fact of a transaction can be easily proved. PayCash is based on the traditional technology of electronic cash, the author of which is David Chaum. Electronic cash (digital cash) is used for settlements on the Internet and is a coin or banknote that looks like a file. Virtual cash is issued by both banks and non-banking financial institutions.


Internet bank Faktura.ru is part of the Center for Financial Technologies investment group (companies included in the network specialize in developing IT products for banking organizations). The Faktura.ru system was created to provide financial services to citizens and businesses in a virtual mode. This Internet platform has a full range of functions and provides users with a wide range of opportunities. Payment customers can conduct transactions wherever they are, at any time of the day or night. You can do this from your home computer or from a mobile device (phone or tablet).


PayAnyWay is a universal electronic payment service that belongs to non-banking financial institutions. The companys clients have a wide range of opportunities. The system provides 24 methods, using which you can make payments for goods and services. The sphere of influence of the payment system has spread far beyond the borders of Russia: the service is successfully operating in 178 states. EPS is a subsidiary of the financial organization Moneta.Ru. PayAnyWay services are used by legal entities (large companies, representatives of medium and small businesses) and ordinary citizens.

Online Dengi

OnlineDengi is a Russian payment system. Employees of the company have developed many options that can be used to carry out financial transactions. Those payment methods that are very popular in the global banking business are also used. This payment system ranks first among the services that provide online banking services. The service is a leader not only in the domestic market, but also in the financial market of the CIS countries.


Today, online commerce is becoming increasingly important. This type of pasture trading is convenient for both sellers and buyers. The banking sector is not lagging behind in its development: many financial organizations are introducing the latest technologies, for example, Internet banking or mobile banking, which allow you to pay for purchases and make money transfers via the Internet. Electronic payment systems appear on the World Wide Web, providing a full range of banking functions. One of them is the IntellectMoney system. In its work, the service uses modern technologies, providing users with comfort and high speed of financial transactions. The employees of the payment system have developed their own payment and discount system, which opens up wide opportunities for customers.

CyberPlat System

In 1997, the CyberPlat electronic payment system appeared on the World Wide Web. This service was created by Russian citizens and was focused on domestic users. Payment is a universal integrated multi-banking system that specializes in enabling citizens and organizations to make payments in a virtual mode. The company was created on the basis of the online trading department, which was part of the Platinum commercial banking structure. At the end of the summer of 1998, the first electronic payment in the Russian Federation was made through the CyberPlat system, with the help of which it was possible to replenish the balance of a mobile phone. An electronic signature was used during the financial transaction.


Today, online trading is a common thing for most people. Buying goods, paying for purchases and services from your home computer is not only convenient, but also profitable. However, each of the Internet users is primarily concerned about their financial security and is looking for a reliable system for electronic payments. Such a system is the ASSIST service. This EPS acts as a link between the buyer and many banking structures. Payment allows you to make payments from plastic and virtual cards online, as well as process information on financial transactions. Most of all transactions (about 80%) that Russian users make through Internet platforms go through the ASSIST system.