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Bitcoin (Bitcoin)

Computer technologies make our life more comfortable. Thanks to IT products, a person learns information, creates graphic images and much more. Modern Internet developments have also affected the banking industry. Until quite recently, ordinary people could not even imagine that they would not stand in long queues in order to pay for services or purchases, pay utility bills or debts on loans: thanks to Internet banking, today all this can be done online.

Yandex money

The Yandex.Money electronic payment system appeared on the Internet at the very beginning of the second millennium (2002). This server in the very first months of its operation received a certificate allowing the company to conduct activities in the banking sector (the direction of online payments). This is an unprecedented event in the history of the domestic banking business.

Pinkoff Bank

Pinkoff is a unique bank of its kind. It has no retail outlets, offices or branches. So how does this financial structure interact with its customers? Interaction between Pinkoff and users is carried out remotely. All operations from the preparation of applications to money transfers and loans are carried out in a virtual mode.


EPS Qiwi overcame many obstacles on the way of its development. The success of the company was not always accompanied: there were ups and downs. The company has changed and transformed several times, trying its hand at implementing various IT technologies.

perfect money

Perfect Money is an electronic payment system, the services of which are used by a large number of citizens from different countries. The company was registered in Panama 9 years ago (in 2017). Andrey Draper is considered its founder. It was he who created the EPS, thanks to which money can be withdrawn instantly.


The activity of the electronic payment system OKPAY began in 2009. The organization is registered in the Virgin Islands, which are a British colony and an offshore zone. The OKPAY system has been operating in the electronic currency market for only 7 years. However, despite such a “young age”, the company was able to gain popularity among users who want to make money on cryptocurrency trading. The server has gained a reputation as a reliable organization that provides a wide range of services and ensures the financial security of customers.


Payeer is an electronic platform that allows you to make financial transactions on the Internet. This is a very young payment system - it is only a few years old: it was founded in 2012. Unlike other EPS, the Payeer system works in all countries of the world (for example, the popular WebMoney service does not operate on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany). The Payeer server has a simple and user-friendly interface that supports a large number of languages. Everything is quite simple, the structure of the site is intuitive. Pop-up hints, as well as document templates (applications, petitions, etc.) will help you figure it out.

Bank Binbank

20 years ago, a new financial company, Binbank, appeared in the world of banking business. Since its inception, the company has been intensively developing: the number of branches has increased and the sphere of influence has expanded. Autumn 2008 was marked by the fact that Binbank becomes part of Bashinvestbank. But after five years, Binbank becomes the parent company, and Bashinvestbank moves into the category of branches. Another year later, Moskomprivatbank is included in the company: this was an unexpected turn, since the company held the lead in the field of lending.

Bank Avangard

Avangard is a bank with more than twenty years of experience. It was founded back in 1994 and at that time was called JSCB SADR. Two years later, the founders decided to rename the company to Avangard Bank. The financial organization is headed by Kirill Vadimovich Minovalov. The main part of the companys securities (about 100%) is concentrated in his hands. Avangard is part of the financial and industrial group, which consists of industrial and agricultural enterprises, investment companies.

Bank VTB 24

One of the largest Russian banks can rightfully be called the financial organization VTB 24. This company has been a leader in the banking business for many years. The company is part of the international financial group VTB. VTB 24 works with clients of various categories, however, the main contingent of the company can be called representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs. The geography of the bank is very wide: its branches are dispersed throughout the country (more than 600 offices in total). The company offers its customers a wide range of services. Here you can get a loan, get a plastic payment card, open a deposit account, use the services of online services.