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Baltic Bank

2016-10-23 00:00:00

Baltic Bank has been providing financial services to corporate clients and ordinary citizens since 1989. Its activities are based on a general license issued by the Central Bank of Russia. The company participates in the state savings insurance program, so Russians trust the bank with their finances without fear. In the winter of 2014, the organization is part of the
Alfa-Bank financial group.
Branches of the Baltic Bank operate in 11 largest cities of Russia. More than 20 offices have been opened in St. Petersburg alone. 540 ATMs belong to this financial institution. You can also withdraw cash using the equipment of the Alfa - Bank banking network (there are more than 5 thousand devices located in 400 settlements). are accepted on the territory of foreign states.
More than one and a half million people, 7 and a half thousand enterprises use the services of a financial institution. The bank's employees introduce modern technologies, thanks to which the company can offer its customers new services: Internet banking, SMS informing, mobile application, bank cards.

Remote Services

Thanks to Internet banking, customers can carry out all types of financial transactions without visiting a bank branch. The company offers several remote service services: ISBB (available only from stationary computer devices), ISBB-light (you can work from any computer, including a laptop), mobile bank (allows you to manage finances from a mobile phone or tablet).
ISBB opens wide opportunities for users. The personal account in Internet banking is equipped with all the options that are necessary for managing accounts: • obtaining information about the status of accounts; • viewing the history of transactions; • obtaining information related to credit products (interest rates, loan terms, debt repayment schedule, the amount of current debt, calculating interest using online calculators, etc.);• receiving statements and financial reports;• opening deposits;• blocking or unblocking cards;• conducting exchange transactions;• carrying out operations related to money transfers (intrabank and interbank);• depositing fees for services (housing and communal services, providers of mobile communications and the Internet, city telephony, etc.). Informing using SMSSMS-notifications provide information about the expenditure of funds, cash receipts and account balance. Messages are sent to the client's mobile phone. Thanks to this service, you can also learn about the expiration of the payment card, as well as promotions offered by a financial institution.

Bank transfers

In Baltic Bank you can transfer money to friends or partners. There is no need to open an account. You can send funds in both domestic and foreign currencies.
When making a ruble transfer within the Russian Federation, the client can send any amount. Currency transactions are carried out in accordance with the current Russian legislation.

Favorable offers from Baltic Bank

The bank offers its customers to open deposits at favorable interest rates. Among the variety of products, you can easily choose the best option.
1. The Pobeda product implies the maximum income - up to 8% in Russian currency. You can open an account in three types of currencies: Russian rubles, American or European monetary units. The contract is concluded for a period of 3 to 6 months. Profit is capitalized, increasing the total amount of the contribution. Deposits or withdrawals are prohibited.2. The "Premium" deposit allows you to receive additional funding to your salary or pension every month and dispose of it at your own discretion (interest is credited to a special account every 30 days). You can invest in domestic or foreign currencies. Incoming and outgoing transactions are not allowed. The rate can reach 8%. To open an account, you must invest at least 10 thousand rubles (500 conventional units).3. "A+" is a unique offer from the Baltic Bank: even if the agreement is terminated prematurely, the depositor will not lose his profit. Opening a deposit is carried out with an investment of at least 1 million rubles (30 thousand dollars / euros). The client can choose the method of calculating interest on his own: they can be capitalized and added to the total amount of the deposit or transferred to a separate account. Interest rate - up to 7.5% (in rubles).4. "Premier" is a replenished deposit. As the size of the deposit increases, so do the rates (up to 7.20%). You need to transfer at least 10 thousand Russian rubles or 500 conventional units to the account. Profits are capitalized.5. The "Potential" deposit can be both in foreign currency and in rubles. Its advantage is that the depositor independently determines the duration of the contract. The conditions of the deposit provide for debit-receive transactions. The interest rate is 5% (rubles).

Lending projects

In the Baltic Bank, you can get a consumer loan at minimal interest rates. The company offers its clients individual lending programs, as well as refinancing of loans. You can apply for a loan online. To do this, you need to go to the official website of the financial institution http://www.baltbank.ru and press the "Apply a loan" button.

Loan products

  1. "Individual program". This product is designed for payroll clients. To apply for a loan, you need only 1 document - a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. The contract is concluded for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years. The loan amount can reach 1 million rubles. The interest rate varies from 18.99% to 24.99%. An application for a loan is considered by the credit commission within 1 business day. The borrower can repay the debt ahead of schedule without additional fees or penalties.
    2. "Affiliate program". The loan is intended for regular customers of the bank (depositors or borrowers) who have a positive credit history. The loan is issued for terms from 1 to 3 years at interest rates from 21.99% to 24.99%. The application will be reviewed within a few hours. The debt can be repaid ahead of schedule.3. Credit cards. This is one of the most profitable and convenient ways of lending. To apply for a loan, you only need a civil passport. Often, customers buy credit cards "just in case." And this is a completely justified action: a payment document can calmly wait in the wings (if the money is not withdrawn from the account, then no interest is charged), and when additional finance is required, a person will be able to receive cash or pay with a card at any time of the day or night. documents issued by the Baltic Bank help to save money: cardholders become participants in discount or discount programs. Credits are accepted at ATMs, payment terminals and trade institutions around the world.4. Refinancing loans. This product is intended for people who find themselves in an unpleasant situation (illness, dismissal, etc.) and cannot repay their loan debt. Thanks to refinancing, you can change the terms of the agreement: reduce interest rates, increase the loan term (up to 5 years), reduce the amount of the monthly payment. The company can also provide credit holidays for 1 year.

Plastic cards

Baltic Bank issues banking instruments of international standard. Cardholders can pay for goods or services (without a commission fee), withdraw cash from ATMs located in different parts of the world, and receive information about the balance of card accounts.
The bank offers its customers several types of payment documents.1. Debit cards are the most demanded product. They are used to transfer social benefits, pensions or salaries. Payment instruments of the Baltic Bank are accepted for non-cash payments in more than 20 million organizations. With the help of plastic documents, you can receive cash, pay for services or purchases both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.2. Classic maps are ideal for travel enthusiasts. In addition to the standard set of features, they provide additional services: booking hotel rooms, renting a vehicle, and so on.3. "Golden Cards" is an offer for VIP clients. Such a payment document will not only emphasize the high position of its owner, but also provide special privileges. For example, the card can become a pass to the VIP lounge of the airport.

For corporate clients

Payroll programs

Baltic Bank cooperates with enterprises and organizations within the framework of payroll programs. These projects bring benefits to both company executives and their employees.
Directors save on collection and storage of cash, cash settlement services are provided, and the work of accounting departments is also optimized. And employees, receiving a salary to a card account, can dispose of the funds at their own discretion: withdraw the entire amount or only part of it, transfer money to a deposit account, pay with a card by bank transfer, and so on.