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Tatfondbank is a universal financial institution operating in the domestic market since 1994. The company is considered one of the largest Russian banks. The size of its assets is more than 200 billion rubles, the authorized capital is 14.5 billion rubles, the amount of equity capital is 29 billion.
The company serves corporate clients and individuals. The main direction of work is lending. The total amount of loans issued by the bank is more than 125 billion rubles. Clients trust the company with their savings, opening deposits and getting a good profit. The amount that is kept in the deposit accounts of depositors is 75 billion rubles. Corporate clients have invested almost 33 billion rubles. Tatfondbank is an official partner of VISA and MasterCard payment systems popular all over the world. Bank-issued cards can be used to pay for purchases or services anywhere in the world.
The financial structure is the owner of 1,200 ATMs located throughout the Russian Federation. It consists of 94 departments. The company employs 3,000 employees. The bank is a member of the Association of Tatar Banks, the Association of Banks of Russia, the National Stock Association, etc.

Offers for status clients

For VIP clients, the company has prepared special projects that provide ample opportunities and special privileges.
By becoming a member of the program, a client can issue one of the status payment cards, use Internet banking, get preferential credit terms, invest funds at favorable interest rates, purchase coins. In addition to standard services, medical and legal services abroad are provided free of charge. Clients can also study in foreign educational institutions. Thanks to the concierge service, you can get advice from a personal manager who will help you understand the products offered by the company.

Bank transfers

Tatfondbank provides services related to money transfers. Through the bank, you can send money to different countries of the world (more than 200 states). To make money transfers, there is no need to open a bank account: the company cooperates with the Western Union system, thanks to which funds will be delivered to any region of the planet in just 1 minute.
Domestic transfers are made in domestic rubles. Foreign currency (euro or US dollars) is used for interstate level transactions. For the transfer, you must pay a commission fee - 1% of the amount sent. Bank customers can also transfer funds from one bank card to another.


Cash desks of Tatfondbank accept payments in favor of private entrepreneurs, enterprises and organizations. The management of the financial structure has concluded about 350 contracts for the implementation of payment transactions.
You can make a payment through any branch of the bank, through self-service terminals or from your personal account in Internet banking.
Payers can also make urgent payments, in which money is credited to the recipient's account within a few minutes. In Tatfondbank, you can pay for: • services of public utilities; • education; • services of healthcare institutions; urban); • repayment of debts on loans issued in third-party banks, etc.

Exchange operations

Clients of Tatfondbank can carry out transactions related to currency. The company provides a wide range of services in this area:
• exchange procedure at the Tatfondbank rate; • examination of foreign banknotes; • exchange of banknotes of various denominations. The client can hand over a damaged foreign banknote to the cashier and receive domestic rubles for it (in accordance with the approved tariffs and subject to a commission fee of 10% of the banknote price). You can simply change the damaged bill for a whole one. The price of the procedure will be 10% of the value of the banknote (the fee is charged in rubles in accordance with the exchange rate at the time of the transaction). The client can also place funds in foreign banknotes on foreign currency deposits and receive interest income.

the freedom of action

Tatfondbank provides its customers with banking services at a distance. Using remote services, users can make payments, transfer money, control accounts from any location in the world. The main condition is the presence of a computer and an Internet connection.

Voice menu

Using the telephone service, you can get information on:
• products offered by a financial institution; -code, as well as get advice from a bank employee over the phone.

"Online Partner"

"Online Partner" is a bank that operates in the Global Network. With it, you can manage current and card accounts without visiting a bank branch. The service provides users with round-the-clock access to accounts. Clients, carrying out financial transactions from a home or work computer, receive a double benefit: saving personal time and money (the commission fee in an online bank is lower than in land-based branches).
To work with the online service, you do not need to install a special program on your computer. Internet banking is equipped with a clear and user-friendly interface, which can be easily understood even by a person with minimal skills in working on a PC and on the World Wide Web. Access to a personal account is opened only after the user enters the correct login and password. Each transaction is accompanied by original one-time codes that are sent to the client's cell phone. All data passes through an encryption program and is transmitted via secure channels. What can be done using the Online Partner service? • Pay for utilities; • Pay off credit debt; • Pay for goods purchased at virtual outlets; deposit;• transfer funds to accounts or cards opened with Tatfondbank or third-party financial institutions;• exchange currency;• replenish e-wallet;• obtain information on the status of accounts, deposits, loans;• view transaction history and receive a financial report ;• write a message to the bank administration. To become a user of the remote service from the Tatfondbank company, you need to go to the site https://tfb.ru, click the "Register with Online Partner" button and fill out the proposed form.

Mobile bank

The company's employees have also developed a mobile version of Internet banking, thanks to which you can manage accounts from a regular smartphone or tablet computer. Thanks to the bank in a mobile phone, the user can:
• receive information about the balance of their current or card accounts; • view information related to loan agreements (debt repayment schedule, the amount of the current payment, etc.); • pay for services of more than 3 thousand enterprises and organizations; • repay loans issued at Tatfondbank or other financial institutions; • perform conversion operations; • transfer money to friends, relatives or partners; • block / unblock access to a card account. To enter the mobile service from Tatfondbank, Users use a password and login that provide access to the "Online Partner".

SMS bank

The bank offers a unique remote SMS-banking service, through which customers can receive account statements, information about the success of transactions, information about the account status, etc.
However, the possibilities of SMS-banking are not limited to this. It can also be used to pay for certain services (telephony of any kind, TV, Internet communications, as well as to replenish accounts registered in electronic payment systems).

Payment instruments

Tatfondbank issues several types of bank cards. The company cooperates with VISA, MasterCard systems . The bank's payment instruments are accepted to pay for goods and services worldwide. In "Tatfondbank" you can issue debit cards and credit cards.


  1. Settlement cards are the most popular payment documents used to receive salaries or social benefits. Using these cards, you can make cashless payments, pay for goods or services through self-service terminals, and withdraw cash from ATMs. Payment instruments of this sample do not provide for interest accrual and do not participate in bonus programs.
    2. "Profit cards" allow you to make a profit of 7% per annum. The payment document participates in the bonus program: 1% of the purchase price is returned to the account.3. Pension cards are intended for the elderly. To issue a document, the client must present a pension certificate. This is a budget card: it has the lowest maintenance cost. Its owners receive interest income and a good discount on goods.4. The Bahetle-Tatfondbank co-brand card provides a 10% discount on goods purchased in the Bakhetle chain of stores and a 5% discount on purchases at other outlets.

Credit cards

Credit cards from Tatfondbank are a profitable and convenient way to get a loan. Thanks to the card, the client gets round-the-clock access to finances. Cash can be withdrawn from any ATM. The document allows you to pay by bank transfer.
Having purchased goods or received cash, the borrower can use credit funds without accruing interest within 50 days from the date of the first purchase. Interest rates range from 25.49% to 27.99% and depend on the amount and term of the agreement. The client can get a loan in the amount of up to 300 thousand rubles. The cards also allow you to get an overdraft loan.


Tatfondbank offers several deposit options. Each product has its own characteristics.
1. Accumulative ruble deposit can be issued for 3, 6 and 12 months. You need to invest a minimum amount of 100 thousand rubles. The rate depends on the term for which the contract is concluded, and can reach 9.7%. Debit-receive operations on the deposit are not allowed. Interest can be received monthly or after the expiration date.2. The Financial Management product provides rates up to 8.5%. The depositor can replenish the account or withdraw money from it without restrictions. The amount that can be invested is 100 thousand - 500 thousand rubles. The income will be paid after the end of the period specified in the contract. Deposit currency - Russian rubles.3. "Currency deposit" opens in US dollars and European monetary units. Interest rate - 1.2%. The depositor must transfer at least one and a half thousand conventional units to the account. Account replenishment can be carried out an unlimited number of times. The expenditure of funds is also allowed (you can withdraw no more than the amount of accrued interest).
4. The "Pension" product is issued in rubles with a minimum amount of 1500. The deposit assumes maximum interest rates - 9.7%. It is allowed to carry out expenditure and income transactions. The method of payment of income is determined by the client independently. Profit can be credited to a separate account or added to the deposit. You can make a deposit both at the branches of Tatfondbank and through the remote service "Online Partner". By opening an account in virtual mode, the depositor receives higher interest rates.