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2018-01-09 00:00:00

We are glad to inform you that now you can get a discount coupon for an exchange!

Coupon - what is it and what does it give?

- A coupon is a code that contains a unique set of symbols. It gives the right to an additional discount on the exchange in the amount of 0.05% (combined with the already available discount of your account, if the coupon does not exclude this possibility).

How do I get a coupon?

- Each customer receives a discount coupon after making a successful exchange on our website. The coupon will not be provided only if, upon the exchange request, the client received an additional payment from the exchange service.

Where to find?

- You can find the coupon in the letter from our exchange service on your email.

How to use?

- When creating an order on our website, after you have successfully selected the exchange direction you need, the "Coupon" field will be available. In it, you must select "I have a coupon", then enter the coupon code in the line that opens and click "Activate".

Where can I get coupon information?

- Information is available on your email in the letter that contains the coupon.

Can I activate multiple coupons at once?

- You can activate only one coupon in one application.

Can I use a coupon if I have not registered on the site?

- You can use any active coupon provided by our site, regardless of registration.