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The modern electronic market is filled with many types of digital currencies. In the last few months alone, about fifty virtual money has entered the World Wide Web. Of course, not all cryptocurrencies will be able to survive in tough market conditions: the weakest and most vulnerable will sink into oblivion. And there is nothing surprising in this: the principle of natural selection is that the strongest survive.


A feature of the modern financial market is the ability to send payments online: all operations are carried out from a work or home computer. For mutual settlements on the Web, special monetary units are required - cryptocurrency. Recently, the number of Internet payments has increased significantly, which means that the demand for electronic money has also increased. New payment systems have emerged that issue their own digital coins.


Modern technology is developing with incredible intensity. They also touched upon the financial market. Today we can purchase goods and pay for them over the Internet. You can send a money transfer to a friend or partner from your home or work computer. The demand for electronic payments has become incredibly high.

National Reserve Bank

In 1994, the National Reserve Bank was opened in Russia. The main specialization of the company is the provision of banking services to enterprises and organizations. However, the banks management also took care of private clients by developing a line of the most popular products.


Tatfondbank is a universal financial institution operating in the domestic market since 1994. The company is considered one of the largest Russian banks. The size of its assets is more than 200 billion rubles, the authorized capital is 14.5 billion rubles, the amount of equity capital is 29 billion.


The financial organization SKB-bank was established in the fall of 1990. The company serves private and corporate clients. The range of the banks services is quite wide: in the list of services you can find both traditional products and the latest developments that are highly technological. The banks assets amount to more than 115 billion rubles. The organization issued loans in the amount of 86 billion rubles. SKB participates in the state deposit insurance program, so the Russians safely trust their finances to the company: the total amount of deposits is 102 billion rubles (of which individuals invest 75 billion rubles).

Eastern Express Bank

The financial institution Eastern Express Bank has been serving Russian citizens since the spring of 1991. The first branch was opened in the Amur region (the city of Blagoveshchensk). Since the winter of 2005, the company has been participating in the state deposit insurance program. The bank provides all types of financial services. The main direction is credit and depository products. The company serves not only ordinary citizens, but also enterprises.


SwedBank is an international financial organization, whose activities began in the 20s of the 19th century. The companys branches operate in Sweden, Russia and the Baltic states.\\nThe banks clients are individuals, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. The range of services provided by the organization is very wide. Here you can open a deposit, apply for a loan, get a payment card. The companys employees have also developed leasing products. For the convenience of customers, modern Internet payment services have been created.


CentroCredit is a universal financial institution that provides services to corporate clients and individuals. The bank started its work in 1989. The activity of the company is sanctioned by the General License. The document was issued in December 2014 by the Central Bank of Russia.

Baltic Bank

Baltic Bank has been providing financial services to corporate clients and ordinary citizens since 1989. Its activities are based on a general license issued by the Central Bank of Russia. The company participates in the state savings insurance program, so Russians trust the bank with their finances without fear.