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Deferred request

2019-04-22 00:00:00

Currently, it is relevant for directions from Bitcoin to all other payment systems.

How it works?

     Each client has the opportunity to create a deferred order at the rate he needs.
     With the help of a pending order, you can exchange Bitcoin in all available exchange directions.
     To get started, be sure to log in to your personal account on our website.
    When creating a deferred application, it is imperative to indicate the exchange rate you need and the "expiration date" - the time after which the application will be processed. If this is not done, a period of 1 month will be automatically set. After this time, the application will be processed at the rate valid at the end of the period. A week before the end of the expiration date, a daily notification will be sent to the clients mail with a proposal to move the date of processing the application.
     A postponed application can be canceled if it has not yet been processed at the established rate. At the same time, Bitcoin, which was transferred according to the canceled application, will be displayed in your personal account in the "Balance" section, it can be exchanged again in a pending application, exchanged instantly at the current rate, or withdrawn to your address.
     Pending orders can be tracked in the history of orders in your personal account. You can also cancel it there.
     When the rate set in the postponed application is reached, it is no longer possible to cancel the exchange, the application goes to processing and within 10 minutes the funds will be sent to the recipients details. The arrival time depends on many factors and can take up to 24 hours.
    You can create an unlimited number of pending orders.
    If, within 15 minutes, a Bitcoin transaction does not appear at the address that was issued to pay for a pending order, such a pending order is deleted.
    If, while waiting for the required exchange rate, for any reason, the details for receiving funds have become unavailable, then the client must independently cancel the application and create a new one with updated details for receiving funds.
    The minimum and maximum amounts for exchange in a pending order correspond to the same amounts in ordinary exchange orders, they are specified when creating an order.
    When creating a pending order, the client agrees with the rules of the Xchange service.