MetaMask launched a program to search for stolen cryptocurrencies


The creators of MetaMask's Ethereum wallet have signed a deal with cybersecurity experts from Asset Reality to identify attackers and provide them with a refund to their owners. Security specialist Alex Herman said that cooperation with the company appeared from the moment the head of operations was disappointed in the existing organizations involved in the recovery of withdrawn cryptocurrencies. He believes that all services are useless or fraudulent.

To ensure normal activities, the organization has expanded the staff in the user support department, to improve the quality of assistance to all victims of illegal activities. New functions are covered in a special section on the organization's website. With its help, clients can report all assets that were illegally withdrawn and transmit data on exactly how the hack was implemented. Then a member of the cyber security company contacts the victim and learns the details and implements procedures to return all assets to the accounts.

All this will enable the victims to understand how the accounts were attacked, and help collect analytics, which will speed up the recovery process.

The organization promises to use all the information provided to find funds, as well as to report to the sites that they are being attacked or they have been chosen to trade "dirty" coins.