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2016-06-03 00:00:00

The Gazprombank financial enterprise is one of the three largest banking organizations in Russia and ranks third among European banks in terms of assets. The head office of the company is located in the capital of the Russian Federation.

Gazprombank is a group of banks providing a wide range of banking products and investments. The company's clients are individuals and various organizations.


Way to success

Bank Gazprombank was founded in 1990. In 1996, the company received the status of LLC, and five years later the company was transformed into a closed joint stock company. In 2007, the organizational and legal type of the bank changed again, and Gazprombank became an open joint stock company. In the same year, the leadership of the financial organization decided to expand and concluded a sale and purchase deal with the owners of Areximbank.

The main share of Gazprombank's shares is concentrated in the non-state pension fund GazFond, as well as in large industrial enterprises: Novfintech, Gazprom and GAZ-tech.

Gazprombank is managed by A. B. Miller and A. I. Akimov.

The geography of the bank is rapidly expanding. The company's branches are dispersed throughout the Russian Federation (32 branches and 500 sales outlets), branches are opened both in European countries and in the CIS countries. The company's clients are 4 million people and about 45 thousand legal entities.


The main activities of Gazprombank

Gazprombank specializes in servicing large industrial enterprises. The financial institution has entered into cooperation agreements with companies in the chemical, oil and gas, nuclear, electric power industries, agricultural and commercial enterprises, and so on.

The development of the retail component of the banking business is also of strategic importance for Gazprombank.

Individuals were not left without attention. For them, Gazprombank provides the following services:

  • various types of loans;
  • contributions and deposits;
  • settlement and cash operations;
  • plastic cards;
  • exchange operations;
  • payment for goods and services through non-cash payments and more.

Much attention is also paid to charitable activities. The company finances educational projects aimed at training competent specialists. The bank also helps sports organizations: children's sports schools, sports clubs; Gazprombank financial group sponsors championships and competitions.

The organization also finances global world projects related to the construction of oil and gas pipelines.

Currency transactions in Gazprombank

The company offers a wide range of services related to exchange transactions. Here you can profitably exchange Russian rubles for banknotes of any country (USA, UK, European Union, China, etc.). Exchange procedures are performed in real time. In addition, fiat (ordinary) money can be exchanged for electronic money (Bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrency).

But the activities of Gazprombank in the foreign exchange market are not limited to a simple exchange of banknotes. To avoid price fluctuations and buy currency on favorable terms, you can hedge your risks. The bank's clients have the opportunity to transfer funds in any currency to the accounts of foreign banking organizations.

Loans from Gazprombank: loyal terms and favorable interest rates

A large number of citizens of our country have taken out loans from Gazprombank. The company offers its customers loyal loan repayment terms and competitive interest rates. Users can choose the best loan program, the conditions of which will correspond to their financial capabilities: a convenient repayment schedule, the required amount, low interest rates.

People who wish to purchase their own housing can take out a mortgage. For those who dream of a car, car loans are offered. You can also get a consumer loan to purchase goods and pay for services.

Employees of the company periodically analyze the market in order to develop new loan products and upgrade existing ones.

The position of the bank in relation to borrowers is open and transparent: before applying for a loan, a citizen receives full information about the amount of monthly installments and the total amount of loan payments, along with accrued interest.

Reasons why you should take a loan from Gazprombank

  1. In Gazprombank, loans can be issued for a long period (for example, mortgage loans can be repaid over 30 years).
  2. There are two options for repaying the loan: annuity payments (in equal installments) or differentiated payments (the amount of payments gradually decreases).
  3. The loan amount can be calculated based on the total family income.
  4. Gazprombank does not provide for a moratorium on early repayment of loans.
  5. You can make payments on loans at the branches and offices of the company, through ATMs and terminals.
  6. Maternity capital can be used to repay the loan.

A Russian citizen over the age of 20 can apply for a loan at Gazprombank. The person must be registered in the region where the branch of the bank providing the loan is located.

Profitable investments

Bank "Gazprombank" offers favorable conditions for deposits. The money in the company's account will not only be securely stored, but also multiplied.

There are several types of deposits that can be opened at the bank.

  1. "Seasonal-Maximum". The maximum interest rate is 9.6%. (rubles), 2.15% (dollars), 1.45 (euros). Replenishment and early withdrawal of money are not provided.
  2. "Dynamic". The maximum interest rate is 8.7% (rubles), 1.3% (dollars), 0.40% (euros). If necessary, the client can replenish the account or withdraw part of the funds before the expiration of the deposit.
  3. "Cumulative". The maximum rate is 8.8% (rubles), 1.4% (dollars), 0.5% (euros). It is impossible to withdraw money, but the user can replenish the account during the entire period of the deposit.
  4. "Perspective". The maximum rate is 9% (rubles), 1.5% (dollars), 0.6% (euros). There is no provision for withdrawing money from the account. The deposit can be replenished periodically.
  5. "Rentier". The maximum rate is 7.5% (rubles), 0.95% (dollars), 0.3% (euros). You cannot withdraw money early. Replenishment of the deposit is provided.


Service at a distance

Gazprombank offers a wide range of services, thanks to which customers can receive the necessary information about the status of accounts and manage funds outside the bank branch.

  1. Online bank "Home Bank". This service allows users to make all financial transactions on their work computer. Without leaving home, you can change currency, pay for goods, transfer money to the accounts of other users, view transaction history, and more.
  2. SMS messages. Thanks to this function, the client knows about all the procedures in which his payment card was involved. With the help of this service, you can set limits on spending money, as well as block the card if necessary.
  3. Telecard is a mobile bank. This service is installed on the client's mobile phone and allows you to make financial transactions with plastic cards and receive messages about transactions.