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2016-06-11 00:00:00

EPS Qiwi overcame many obstacles on the way of its development. The success of the company was not always accompanied: there were ups and downs. The company has changed and transformed several times, trying its hand at implementing various IT technologies.


How it all started

The history of the Qiwi payment service began in 1999 with a small company called E-port, founded by Boris Kim. This man was from Uzbekistan. E-port specialized in the manufacture of scratch cards (they were used to replenish the balance of a mobile phone: it was necessary to remove the dark film and send the code that appeared to the operator).

A little later, the company's specialists developed a new method of transferring money to a mobile phone account. To do this, it was necessary to purchase a voucher in the operator's salon, after which a message with an activation password was sent to the phone number. But this method was short-lived, since it was much more convenient to pay for communication services directly through the operator.

Several times, E-port employees tried to negotiate with the management of mobile telephony companies, insisting on revising the methods of replenishing cell phones. However, this prospect did not suit the operators very much, since the work in their system was fully established.

And in 2004, the Russian entrepreneur A. Romanenko, together with partners, founded the OSMP company - an electronic payment system whose users could make financial transactions instantly. OSMP specialized in the installation and maintenance of payment terminals.


Holding formation. Emergence of a new brand

In the summer of 2009, the fates of two firms crossed: the companies of Romanenko and Kim merged into a single organization OE Investments Limited. The new-found holding consisted of several divisions, including Qiwi Wallet (this service made it possible to conduct various financial transactions) and Qiwi Advertising. So, the Qiwi brand appeared in 2009.

Now this word is on everyone's lips: many people use the services of the company. But in those days it was something new. The management of the holding had to invest 300 thousand dollars to promote the brand, and another 100 thousand was spent on creating a new style and "face". A lot of money was also spent on the modernization of equipment, software and technical equipment. The interface was changed, new terminals were installed and so on.

To date, the Qiwi payment system is a convenient service with which you can quickly conduct financial transactions:

  • pay utility bills;
  • repay loans and credits;
  • transfer funds to the wallets of other users, to accounts opened with banks and other payment systems;
  • pay for goods and services, etc.

More than 50 thousand people become users of the system every day.


Qiwi: Obvious Benefits

Kiwi's advantages over competitors are obvious.

  1. Private data of payment customers is classified information. The company guarantees their confidentiality.
  2. The system offers favorable conversion conditions. Here you can exchange various pairs of currencies, including the purchase of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.
  3. Qiwi wallet is very convenient to use. The account can be replenished through terminals, ATMs or mobile communication salons. However, in many cases no commission is charged.
  4. Payment makes it possible to use various payment methods: cashless payment, payment in real money, cryptocurrency, and so on.
  5. Clients of the company can be sure of their financial security. The software is periodically updated, the latest anti-virus applications are installed, the technical equipment and equipment are changed. All these methods are aimed at protecting user accounts from the perfidious interference of scammers and scammers.
  6. The system offers customers additional functionality that makes using the payment system more comfortable. Through electronic wallets, you can draw up a schedule according to which transfers and payments for loans and advances will be made. You can also create financial reports that track transactions and directions in which Qiwi money has “left”.

There are two ways to open an account in the Qiwi payment system: through the official website of the company or through payment terminals.


Algorithm for registration in Qiwi through payment terminals

If you have chosen a payment terminal for registration in Qiwi, then you should perform the following steps.

  1. Select the column "Qiwi Wallet".
  2. Enter mobile phone number.
  3. Go to the account page. The system will ask you to register (you should click the "Yes" button).
  4. Press the "Forward" key. An automatic message is sent to the phone number containing the activation password.

The user is registered.

Registration algorithm through the official website

This registration method involves several steps.

  1. Go to the official website of the Qiw i.com payment and click on the "Register" button (it is located on the main page in the upper right corner).
  2. Enter your phone number and captcha code.
  3. Accept the terms offered by the company.

The user is registered.

Whichever registration option you choose, your phone will receive a message with a personal code that will open access to the funds stored in the Qiwi wallet. The registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes. The main condition is that the phone number must be valid, since this is the link between the system and the user.

Attention! Passwords and pin codes are confidential information that should not be shared with third parties.


How to replenish Qiwi wallet

You can transfer Qiwi money to a wallet opened in a payment order in several ways:

  • through office. website;
  • through the payment terminal;
  • using a portable computer on which a mobile application is installed;
  • through Qiwi exchange services.

Today, a huge number of EPS operate on the World Wide Web. However, Qiwi is firmly in the first position in terms of the number of users and transactions performed. The organization provides its clients with ample opportunities, thanks to which people can easily adapt to the fast pace of modern life. The service is designed for different categories of the population. Its interface is comfortable and easy to use. These are the main secrets of the company's success.