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National Reserve Bank

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In 1994, the National Reserve Bank was opened in Russia. The main specialization of the company is the provision of banking services to enterprises and organizations. However, the bank's management also took care of private clients by developing a line of the most popular products.
NRB participates in the state deposit insurance program, so Russian citizens can safely trust the organization with their savings and earn at high interest rates. Bank branches operate both in the Russian Federation and on the territory of other states. The activities of a financial organization are based on special permits issued by the Central Bank Russian Federation: • “General license for banking activities”; • “License for conducting transactions related to deposits and precious metals”; • “License to conduct transactions related to securities” and others. , "Moscow Currency Exchange", "National Stock Association", etc. The Bank cooperates with the world-famous payment systems MasterCard , VISA, Swift.

Participation in the cultural and social life of the country

The National Reserve Bank takes an active part in the cultural life of the country. The company provides financial support to theaters (“P. Fomenko Workshop”), sponsors cultural events (exhibitions, theater tours, concerts, etc.). Under the auspices of the NRB, a considerable number of books and magazines were published (a collection of poems by Danaire, Reflections on Russia and Russians (by S. Ivanov) and others).
The bank also participates in social programs: • payment of scholarships to children who graduated from the Financial Academy and entered the University of Oxford; • payment of scholarships to students of military schools whose parents fought in Afghanistan; assistance to people who defended their homeland during the Second World War, and so on. The financial company transfers funds to the accounts of charitable organizations, helps in the implementation of medical programs, supports scientific projects and provides assistance to educational institutions.

bank accounts

Clients of the National Reserve Bank may open a current, card or deposit account in domestic or foreign currency. Account holders can:
• replenish the account;• withdraw cash;• make cashless money transfers (as well as receive payments);• earn interest;• perform other financial procedures that are provided for by Russian law. The holder can manage finances personally or through proxies (the representative of the depositor must present a power of attorney signed by a notary). Payments for goods or services can be made from accounts. To save time, the client can instruct the financial institution to make regular payments (for example, utilities or telephony services) automatically.
For transactions, a commission is charged according to the tariffs established by the management of the National Reserve Bank (official website http://www.nrb.ru). To open an account, you must contact the bank branch, provide a passport and apply for opening an account.

Safes at the National Reserve Bank

NRB rents safes in which customers keep their most expensive items: jewelry, bank gold and other metals, securities, important documents, antiques, and more. In addition, safe boxes are a necessary tool in transactions related to the purchase or sale of real estate.
Safes of the National Reserve Bank are equipped with a multi-stage security system and reliable locks. Each cell is closed with two keys: one is held by employees of a financial institution, the other is issued to the client. The safe can only be accessed if the two locks are opened at the same time. The vault can be accessed during bank opening hours. Clients can expect complete confidentiality. When conducting real estate purchase and sale transactions, access to the cells is carried out according to a specially developed scheme. To rent a safe, you must contact the company's office, sign an agreement and pay the rent.


In NRB you can buy commemorative coins issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Coins are made from silver, gold and platinum.
The coins are popular among collectors because of their high artistic value. Usually their production is timed to some significant date. Coins are issued in limited quantities. Precious and original products can be a great gift for a loved one.

Currency conversion

The bank's clients can carry out operations related to currency exchange:
• sale or purchase of foreign banknotes; • examination of banknotes (authentication); • withdrawal of cash from VISA payment cards in foreign currency. Conversion is carried out at the rate proposed by the National Reserve Bank. All transactions related to foreign cash are carried out only after the client presents a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Money transfers

NRB provides services related to bank transfers. Clients can send money both to Russian cities and to settlements in other states (CIS countries and far abroad).
Money transfers are made from a bank account. However, people who are not clients of a financial institution can also send funds to their friends or partners. For this, the method of system transfers is used.
It should be noted that bank transfers are the most profitable and efficient.

Payment cards

NRB issues VISA plastic payment documents. Cards open wide opportunities for their owner. With their help, you can:
• pay for services and goods (no commission); • withdraw cash anywhere in the world; • purchase goods in virtual stores; • book hotel rooms or rent a vehicle; • exchange currency .
A bank card from the National Reserve Bank is a convenient payment instrument when traveling abroad. It relieves its owner of the need to fill out a declaration for cash. The security of the card account is guaranteed by the PIN code, which is known only to the holder. The client can at any time find out about the balance of the card. To do this, you need to call the support service. Information is provided after personal data (full name), account number and secret word (only the owner of the card knows it) are named. The bank has prepared special offers for corporate clients. The financial institution cooperates with enterprises within the framework of a salary project, which provides for the payment of wages to card accounts. Payroll customers can enjoy special privileges.1. Heads of companies receive premium class products (VISA Gold) free of charge.2. VISA Classic cards are issued free of charge to employees of enterprises.
3. Salary customers are entitled to receive an overdraft on a credit card in the amount of 70% of the salary.4. For people receiving a salary on a card account, reduced interest rates on consumer loans are provided.5. You can withdraw cash from any NRB ATM without a fee.

Additional income

Deposits from the National Reserve Bank are a profitable storage of money. You can open an account in Russian rubles or in foreign monetary units (euro or dollars). The financial institution offers 3 types of deposits.
1. "Term" account is opened for a specific period. You can withdraw funds from it only after the expiration of the contract. This product is characterized by a high yield - up to 7% when opening a deposit in rubles. Incoming and outgoing operations are not provided. Profit from interest is transferred to a separate account and paid at the end. When opening a deposit, the client must transfer at least 3,000 rubles (100 euros / dollars). The depositor can terminate the agreement ahead of schedule and receive a profit of 0.1% of the deposit amount.2. The "Optimal Solution" deposit can be either in rubles or in foreign currency. The contract is drawn up for 6 or 12 months. At least 10 thousand rubles (300 euros or US dollars) must be transferred to the account. The method of interest payment is determined by the depositor independently. Profit can be capitalized or monthly transferred to a separate account. The client can replenish the deposit or withdraw money from it. Early termination of the contract is also possible (on the terms of the On Demand product).
3. "On Demand" opens in domestic or foreign currency. In the terms of the contract, expenditure and receipt transactions are allowed. There are no limits on amounts. Income is paid every month. The interest rate will be 0.1%, regardless of the type of currency. Within the framework of the deposit, it is possible to carry out non-cash intrabank transfers and exchange operations.


The National Reserve Bank offers favorable credit terms. A wide range of products will allow each client to choose the best option.
Depositors and payroll clients can take advantage of special privileges: low interest rates and a flexible debt repayment schedule.

Consumer loans

Consumer loans are intended for the purchase of household appliances, furniture, clothing, payment for education, and so on. To register this product in the NRB, no collateral or guarantors are required. The bank offers several projects.
Having issued a loan "Economical", the borrower can receive rubles or foreign currency. The loan amount can vary from 30 thousand to 1 million rubles. The money will be transferred to a current or card account. The contract is concluded for up to 3 years. Interest rate - from 24.95%. "Commonwealth" - this loan is issued in domestic currency. The client can get a loan in the amount of 500 thousand - one and a half million rubles at a rate of 26%. No collateral is required to obtain a loan. Consumer loans are provided to Russian citizens aged 25 to 60 with a permanent job.

Loan for the purchase of real estate

The National Reserve Bank offers to take advantage of mortgage lending and purchase real estate on the secondary market (an apartment or a cottage), as well as bulk modules for building a house. The interest rate will be 17%. Mortgages can be issued by citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 25.
Advantages of mortgage lending from the National Reserve Bank: • fixed rates; • accounting for family members' income + additional profit (for example, from deposits opened in a bank); • long loan period (up to 25 years); • possibility of early repayment of the loan (without penalties and commission fees); • the possibility of acquiring real estate in any locality in Russia.

credit cards

In NRB you can get a credit card with an overdraft facility. With the help of a payment document, you can make cashless payments, withdraw “real money” from ATMs.
This product allows you to repeatedly use credit funds (within the established limit). The loan is issued without collateral. The account can hold up to 350 thousand rubles. Interest rate - from 20%. This is a revolving loan: by repaying the debt, the borrower can use the money again and again (up to the amount that is stored in the account).
Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to finance. The account holder can use the funds at any time, because the money is always “in the pocket.” To get a credit card, the borrower must contact the bank branch, provide a package of documents and write an application. The decision to issue a loan is made by the credit commission.