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The financial organization "SKB-bank" was established in the fall of 1990. The company serves private and corporate clients. The range of bank services is quite wide: in the list of services you can find both traditional products and the latest developments, which are distinguished by high manufacturability.
The bank's assets amount to more than 115 billion rubles. The organization issued loans in the amount of 86 billion rubles. SKB participates in the state deposit insurance program, so the Russians safely trust their finances to the company: the total amount of deposits is 102 billion rubles (of which individuals invest 75 billion rubles). Clients of SKB-Bank are enterprises representing various industries of the Russian economy: fuel and energy companies, construction corporations, sanatoriums, educational institutions, etc. (more than 30 thousand organizations in total). The company is a member of the Association of Regional Banks, the Association of Banks of the Russian Federation, and the Ural Banking Union. The financial structure cooperates with VISA and MasterCard payment systems , Western Union and Contact Money transfer systems, the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, popular electronic payment systems, and more.

Convenient, simple, fast

Bank employees have developed services that simplify the process of managing accounts. These are remote services. They allow you to pay for goods and services through SKB-Bank, literally sitting on the couch.
"SKB-online" is available from any computer connected to the Internet. From a personal account registered in a virtual bank, the user can:

• receive information about the status of current and card accounts (balance, transaction history, information about the completion of a transaction, accounting statements, etc.);

• make payments for goods purchased online -shops;

• pay for the services of utilities, communication providers (cellular or Internet), TV providers, etc.;

• transfer funds to accounts opened with a bank or third-party financial organizations;

• pay off credit debt;

• pay fines issued by traffic police inspectors;

• create templates for regular payments.

By downloading a mobile application to a smartphone, the user gets permanent access to their accounts: the bank "will always be in your pocket." Mobile banking provides the same opportunities as SKB-online. Using virtual cards, the client can quickly find the location of the nearest ATM or bank branch. Internet banking service is provided free of charge. Only customers of the bank can register in the system. Thanks to the system, the client gets round-the-clock access to his accounts without being tied to a specific place (payments can be made from any corner of the planet). Intra-system money transfers are made instantly. Receipt of funds to an account opened with a third-party bank will occur within 1 business day. The service is equipped with a currency exchange option. Conversion is carried out at the rate offered by SKB-Bank.

One moment - and the money in the account

Thanks to the beGOm system, bank customers can transfer funds to their relatives, friends or partners living in different regions of the Russian Federation.

System Benefits

1. Affordable cost of the service (from 60 rubles).
2. Funds are credited to the addressee's account instantly.

3. It is possible to carry out translation in virtual mode.

4. Widely branched network of points of reception/issuance of money.

Elite Bank

Elite Bank is a service that provides customers with special privileges.
1. Services such as a concierge manager, legal advice and medical care while traveling abroad are available to clients.

2. The bank will provide support to people who are in emergency situations. Support may be in the form of a cash advance or emergency replacement of a payment card.

3. Elite Bank users are provided with a 50% discount on the rental of safes.

4. Premium class cardholders can take advantage of the favorable conditions of bonus and discount programs.

VISA Signature

VISA Signature is a payment card designed specifically for status clients. With its help, you can withdraw cash at all ATMs, no matter in which country they are located (no commission fee is charged). Exchange operations are carried out on preferential terms. Cardholders can use the CASH-BACK program (1% of the purchase price is returned to the card account). In addition, the payment document allows you to make a profit: there are 7.9% per annum on the account balance.
A feature of the Elite Bank service is an individual approach to each client. If it is necessary to resolve any issues, bank employees agree on the time of consultation with the user. The top management of the financial institution can also come to the meeting. All customer information is kept in the strictest confidence.

Line of deposits

SKB-Bank is a good opportunity to earn money. To receive a stable income, it is worth opening one of the deposits offered by the company.
1. "Ordinary miracle" offers the highest interest rates - 11%. The method of payment of profit is determined by the client: interest can increase the total amount of the deposit or be transferred to a special account. The contract is concluded for 3 years. The depositor must transfer at least 1 thousand rubles to the account. A feature of the product is the ability to help people who need support: customers can transfer funds to the accounts of charitable foundations. "Fulfillment of desires" assumes an income of 10% per annum. Profit is paid at the end of the contract (270 days). Opening an account is carried out with an investment of at least 10 thousand rubles. Incoming and outgoing operations are not provided.
3. "Lucky Coin" can be opened in both domestic and foreign currencies. The contract can be concluded for 3, 6, 9, 12 and 36 months. The interest rate will be up to 9% when opening a ruble deposit, up to 2% for dollar investments, 1.75% for investments in European currency. The amount of interest depends on the term of the deposit, the amount stored in the account, as well as on the method of paying out profits. Income can be transferred to a separate account or added to the deposit.
4. "Pension contribution" is a beneficial product for the elderly: they will be able to receive a good supplement to social benefits or pensions. The contract is concluded for 3 years. The deposit is opened with a minimum investment of 1 thousand rubles. The rate can reach 7% and depends on the amount on the account, the method of payment of income and the period for which the contract is concluded. The client can receive his profit on a separate account or increase the amount of his deposit. Interest is paid monthly. The depositor may terminate the agreement ahead of schedule without losing the amount earned from the interest.

5. "Active account" allows you to get a profit of up to 6.8% per annum. Opening a deposit is carried out by investing an amount of 10 thousand rubles. The terms of the contract provide for the conduct of expenditure and income transactions. Profits are paid every month. The client determines the method of receiving income independently: to a separate account or to a deposit account, increasing its amount.

Loans for all needs

SKB-Bank provides loans to individuals and corporate clients. A wide range of credit programs allows each person to choose a product that will satisfy his needs.
1. Consumer lending products "For everything about everything" allows you to get a loan for the purchase of various goods (furniture, computer equipment, household appliances, fur products) and payment for services (medicine, education). The borrower can receive an amount from 51 thousand to 1 million 300 thousand rubles for up to 5 years. You can repay the debt at any time without additional commission fees and fines. No collateral is required to obtain a loan. The commission will consider the application within 24-48 hours.

2. Credit cards are the fastest, most convenient and profitable way to get a loan. Products from SKB-Bank allow you to use credit funds without accruing interest within 2 months from the date of the first debit transaction. In addition, credit cards participate in Cash-Back bonus programs, thanks to which the holder of the payment instrument receives a discount on purchased goods (1-3% of the purchase price is returned to the account). citizens aged 21-60 years who have a permanent place of work and live in the locality where the bank branch operates. The application can be filled out online. To do this, you need to go to the official portal of the SKB-Bank company (website https://landings.skbbank.ru).

3. "For your own" is a purposeless product that allows you to get a loan in the amount of 50 thousand - 1 million rubles at rates of 16.9% -23.9%. The contract can be concluded for a period of 1 to 5 years.

4. "Individual" is another consumer lending product. The borrower receives an amount of 1 million rubles for up to 10 years. You can pay off the debt ahead of schedule. In this case, you will not need to pay commission fees or fines.

Mortgage credit lending

In "SKB-Bank" you can get a loan for the purchase of real estate in the primary or secondary market, in a house under construction or a land plot. The borrower receives an amount in the amount of 500 thousand rubles for a period of 3 to 10 years at rates of 15%. The loan can be repaid early. Commission fees and penalties are not provided.
Mortgages for housing in the primary market can be obtained by Russian citizens aged 21 to 65 who have a continuous record of at least 1 year. You will need proof of income to apply for a loan. A loan can be obtained together with co-borrowers. Having received an amount of 1 million 76 thousand rubles, the client will make a monthly payment of 17,488 rubles and repay the debt within 9 years.

Payment cards

Clients of SKB-Bank can receive one or more payment cards that allow making cashless payments.
1. The classic card is issued free of charge. The document allows you to receive an income of 7% (provided that at least 1 thousand rubles are kept in the account). The cards participate in the Cash-Back program, which involves the return of funds spent on the purchase of goods. The tool works on contactless technology: in order to pay, the client just needs to bring the card to the screen of the reader.

2. The dobro card, in addition to standard banking capabilities, allows customers to make transfers to charitable organizations. The bank also provided benefits for the holders of the payment instrument, returning interest on the amount spent.

3. The virtual payment instrument has no material carrier. It is intended for making payments on the Internet. Replenishment of the account is carried out through remote services. The SMS-informing system allows you to control the funds stored on the account. The card is issued online.

4. The Gold Card is a product for status clients. In addition to bonus and discount programs, it also offers additional features: booking hotel rooms, renting a vehicle, access to the Elite-Bank service. The security of payment instruments is ensured by a PIN code known only to the cardholder, and an SMS notification service that notice unauthorized transactions and block access to the account.