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"SwedBank" is an international financial organization, whose activities began in the 20s of the 19th century. The company's branches operate in Sweden, Russia and the Baltic states.
The Bank's clients are individuals, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. The range of services provided by the organization is very wide. Here you can open a deposit, apply for a loan, get a payment card. The company's employees have also developed leasing products. For the convenience of customers, modern Internet payment services have been created. SwedBank's customer base consists of 9.5 million ordinary citizens and 622,000 organizations. The banking network includes more than 500 branches.

Comfort first

Remote service services provide comfort during financial transactions. Almost all banking services are available in virtual mode.

Internet banking

In the personal account of the Internet bank, the client can manage his finances, pay for goods or services, make money transfers, order additional services, contact the company administration and customer support.
The service operates around the clock. It is available anywhere in the world. When making intrasystem payment transactions, the user does not pay a commission fee. Internet banking provides customers with ample opportunities: • ordering a bank card; • registering a payment document in the secure payment system; • setting up an automatic payment mode; • connecting a regular payment service; • connecting an SMS service informing;• registration of insurance policies;• opening of deposit or savings accounts;• application for registration of credit products (including leasing). A special application is installed on your mobile phone, thanks to which you can:• manage accounts;• check the account balance;• monitor changes in the foreign exchange market and so on.

Bank cards

SwedBank offers its customers several types of payment cards. It can be both credit and debit payment documents. Using cards, the client can pay for purchases by bank transfer or receive "live money" at ATMs.

Debit payment cards

Bank employees have developed several types of debit cards. Each product has its own terms and conditions.
1. Classic cards are used to transfer salaries or social benefits. With the help of a payment document, you can pay for goods and services, withdraw cash, make financial transactions in payment terminals and on the Internet. Cards are also relevant when paying for hotel rooms, car rentals and more.
Payment documents work even if there is no Internet connection, for example, during an airplane flight or ferry crossing. Cards are accepted by almost all trade establishments in the world.

2. Currency card accounts are convenient for people who often have to pay in US dollars or other types of currencies. By issuing such a document, the account holder will save on exchange transactions. The cards are equipped with a reliable security system.

3. Products for the younger generation are designed specifically for children from the age of seven. These cards can be used to pay for goods and services and withdraw cash. In addition, the payment document can act as a student card. The card participates in discount programs offered by the bank's partners and provides an opportunity to purchase goods at reduced prices.

4. A card for teachers is a unique payment document that provides its owner with ample opportunities. Using the card, you can pay for purchases and services by bank transfer, withdraw cash, exchange currency, receive financial reports, change card account settings (for example, access codes), transfer funds to accounts of third-party users, and more. The card serves as an identifier of the status and profession of the person who presents it. The document can also be used as a pass to the library halls. Cardholders get the opportunity to purchase goods with good discounts.

credit cards

Credit payment documents are in great demand among consumers. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get a loan from a bank. Credit cards from SwedBank bring customers a double benefit: an interest-free period for using credit funds (until the 30th day of the current month) and the opportunity to purchase goods with discounts (in stores that are bank partners).
There is no need to pay anything for the registration of the payment document. The bank's management offers cardholders an additional bonus - in the first 9 days from the date of opening, interest on the loan is not charged. Having ordered a credit card through the Internet banking service, the client will receive it within three days (delivered by postal services). PIN code through the online service.

Financial operations

Payments through the SwedBank system are made instantly. When paying for services via Internet banking, the user can create templates or set up automatic payment. Payment for goods and services can be made at the company's offices or through a mobile application (commission fee is charged according to the bank's tariffs).
For intrabank transfers, the system automatically checks the details of the payee. If the data does not match, the payer will be notified. This function is not possible in interbank transfers, therefore the administration of SwedBank strongly recommends that you carefully check the details of the recipients so that the money finds its addressee. Transfers to accounts opened with this financial institution are carried out free of charge. Funds are credited to your account within a few minutes.
For interbank payments, a commission fee is charged (in the online banking system, tariffs are an order of magnitude lower). In this case, the payment will be credited within 24 hours. To transfer funds to a partner, friend or loved one, the sender must know: • the last name, first name and patronymic of the addressee; • the original code, registration number of the person to whom the money is intended; • the addressee's bank account number ( IBAN format).

Getting income

SwedBank offers its clients to receive a stable income from interest on deposits. The company's employees have developed several programs, the conditions of which will please various categories of customers. For example, thanks to pension projects, older people will be able to receive a decent pension.
The Dynamic deposit is pegged to the shares of three American companies. There are two types of deposits:

1. with conditional rates (no risk premium);

2. with a risk premium.

In the first case, interest rates are 0.4-0.6%. Percentages are conditional. This means that the return on this product will depend on the increase in the value of the securities. The profit will be paid out if the value of the shares of all companies increases by at least 5%. If this does not happen, then the depositor will receive only the amount that he transferred to the account on the day the deposit was opened. In the second case, the interest rate will be 3-5%. The risk premium allows not only to return the amount of the deposit, but also to increase it. The “Savings” deposit is not only a reliable storage of money, but also an increase in funds. The terms of the agreement provide for the possibility of replenishing the deposit. You can transfer money from your salary account. The client can also set up regular payments: at a certain time, funds from the current account will be credited to the deposit account. Debit transactions are also allowed. Income from interest is capitalized, increasing the total amount of the deposit. "Term" deposit provides for fixed rates. Its validity period varies from 1 month to 5 years. Account replenishment and debit transactions are not allowed. The depositor can independently choose the type of currency. Profit is accrued every month to a separate account or capitalized (at the discretion of the client).

Lending in SwedBank

Bank employees have prepared several loan products.
If you are going to buy an apartment or a country house, you should contact SwedBank. Here you can get a mortgage on favorable terms, as well as take advantage of the state subsidy program. There are also loans that do not require initial payments. Consumer loans are the most popular lending product. With their help, you can purchase furniture, household appliances, computer equipment or make repairs in the apartment. The loan amount can reach 12 thousand euros. The Credit Line product is suitable if staged payments are expected (for example, tuition fees). The bank can also issue a loan for the purchase of a vehicle. a calculator with which you can calculate the amount of monthly payments and the amount of accrued interest.