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Eastern Express Bank

2016-11-29 00:00:00

The financial institution "Eastern Express Bank" has been serving Russian citizens since the spring of 1991. The first branch was opened in the Amur region (the city of Blagoveshchensk). Since the winter of 2005, the company has been participating in the state deposit insurance program. The bank provides all types of financial services. The main direction is credit and depositary products. The company serves not only ordinary citizens, but also enterprises.
The bank's geographic expansion spread throughout the Russian Federation. Offices and retail outlets of Orient Express Bank can be found in any city. The financial network consists of 8 branches, 1399 retail outlets and 325 additional points of sale.

Services provided by Orient Express Bank

The company provides its clients with a wide range of services. Here you can conduct both intrasystem and interbank transactions.


The bank opens access to currency exchange. The company's clients can:
• make exchange transactions using cash; • make financial transfers in foreign banknotes (or receive funds); • open foreign currency accounts; • verify the authenticity of foreign banknotes. The bank offers favorable currency exchange conditions . For example, when purchasing (or selling) foreign banknotes in the amount of more than 10 thousand conventional units, the client receives a discount. Cash in foreign currency can be withdrawn without a preliminary order: there is always the required amount at the cash desk. Non-cash currency transfers are especially popular.

For clients of third-party banks

Citizens who have issued loans in third-party financial organizations can repay their debts at the offices of Orient Express Bank or through remote services (including through self-service terminals). The commission fee will be only 1% of the payment amount (but not less than 50 rubles). The commission for Russian Standard clients is slightly higher - 1.5% (but not less than 25 rubles). When repaying a loan issued by the Pinkoff company, the client does not pay anything at all.

Tax refund

Russian legislation provides for the return of taxes of 3 personal income tax when paying for medical or education services, as well as the acquisition of residential real estate. The amount returned by the state can reach 300 thousand rubles.
You must complete a tax return. This can be done online by going to the website of Orient Express Bank. Next, scan the required documents and upload them. The printed declaration is sent to the tax inspection service by mail. After a few months, money will be credited to the applicant's account. If questions arise when filling out the declaration, the client can contact the support service: experienced specialists will help resolve the problem. Moreover, all the worries associated with filing a declaration with the tax office can be taken over by a personal consultant.

Express search service

This service is popular among bank customers. With its help, you can find valuable things that have been lost. The principle is as follows.
The tablet, camera, flash drive and other items are affixed with a marked sticker or key fob with the client identification code and the phone number of the "Express Search" service. It is also indicated that the person who found the thing will receive a reward. A passer-by, having found, for example, a passport, dials the specified phone number and reports the find. The Express Search service meets with him and issues the promised reward, and returns the passport to the owner. The demand for the service is explained by several factors.1. Simplicity. To return the find, just call. Even if the little thing of the ball is lost outside the Russian Federation, it will still find its owner. The courier will deliver the find to the owner.2. Saving. To restore documents, you will have to pay a lot of money. Yes, and buying a camera or tablet will cost a lot. In addition, very important information can be stored there, which is often simply impossible to recover. Therefore, the Express Search service will help save not only finances, but also time.3. Confidentiality. The tags do not contain the personal information of the owner of the gizmo: only his identification number and phone number of the service.

Assistance from experienced lawyers

The management of Orient Express Bank has introduced one of the most demanded services - legal support. Bank clients can not only get advice from a competent lawyer, but also use his services to solve various kinds of problems.
To access the service, you need to issue a certificate for the provision of legal services. • Advice can be obtained over the phone by calling toll-free 8 800; • Communication with a lawyer can also be established through the Skype social network; • A lawyer can accompany negotiations or be present at the conclusion of an agreement. Certificates are issued at branches of Orient Express Bank.

Bank on home computer

Vostochny Express Bank is a modern financial institution offering its customers convenient services and the latest developments in the field of banking services. The company's employees have developed an Internet banking service, an application for mobile phones, as well as an SMS informing service. Thanks to these systems, users can manage accounts without being tied to a specific place and time.

Online banking

By registering a personal account in the Internet banking system, the client will be able, without leaving home, to carry out payment transactions, control the balance of funds, track the movement of money, view transaction history, create templates, and more.
Internet banking allows you to open special accounts. One of them is a safe account, which provides for an income of 5% per annum. The account is issued and serviced free of charge. Expense-receipt operations are allowed. You can also set up automatic replenishment. The main difference between the Internet banking of "Eastern Express Bank" and similar payment systems can be called the "Expense Control" service. Thanks to the service, customers can see all their spending transactions at a glance and effectively plan their budget. Financial reports are generated automatically.

Payment transactions

You can pay for goods and services of more than 4,000 suppliers from your personal account in the Internet bank. This procedure takes only a couple of minutes: no need to go to the bank, stand in lines and fill out receipts. The service is available around the clock. Payments are made instantly. Regular payments can be made according to previously created templates. This will save you from the extra hassle associated with filling out the details.
When paying for the services of Internet providers and mobile operators online, the client is exempt from commission fees.

Money transfers

Internet banking users can transfer money to their friends, relatives or partners in virtual mode. The advantage of online transfers is convenience: funds can be sent at any time without being tied to a specific place. To carry out the operation, you only need a computer (stationary or portable) and the Internet.
All types of money transfers are possible in the online bank: • between the accounts of one user; • to the accounts of other clients of Orient Express Bank; • interbank. Operations related to loans and deposits and card accounts, but also about the status of loans. The user can: • find out the balance of the debt; • view the payment schedule; • obtain information on the amount of the current payment; • apply for a loan. you can get full information about deposits (rates, minimum amount, terms and other terms of the contract). Investors can even change the terms of the deposit. At the same time, it will be more profitable to do it in virtual mode: the interest rate will increase by 0.4%.

Favorable conditions for deposits

The company offers its customers the highest interest rates on deposits. A wide range of products will allow you to choose the most suitable option.
1. The Vostochny deposit can be opened in Russian rubles or in foreign monetary units. The product provides for a fixed rate of 9.11%. The depositor chooses the method of income payment independently: transfer to a separate account or capitalization. The deposit can be opened upon depositing the amount of 300 thousand - 1 million rubles (500 - 20 thousand euros / dollars). Replenishment and expenditure of funds are not provided.
2. Product "Practical" offers rates of 8.3%. An account can be opened in domestic or foreign currency (100 thousand - 1 million rubles, 2 thousand - 45 thousand dollars / euros). Possible replenishment.3. "Savings book" is a replenishable deposit with a rate of 8.35%. Both domestic rubles and foreign money can be stored on the account. A deposit is opened for a period of 6 months to 3 years with an investment of an amount of 30 thousand rubles (500 dollars or euros). Special offers have been developed for status clients. For example, VIP-deposit "Term" offers the highest interest - 10.3% (rubles) and the ability to withdraw money. Income is paid every month. The Sberplan product provides for a rate of 9.47% and the possibility of early termination of the contract without loss of income. Interest is paid every month. The part of the profit that was not claimed is added to the total amount held in the account. A “multi-currency” deposit allows you to make exchange transactions within the account. Having issued one of the VIP products, the depositor automatically becomes a member of the bonus program and receives an additional 0.3%. Financial organization "Vostochny Express Bank" is an official participant of the state deposit insurance program. This guarantees investors reliability, stability and financial security.


Loan products are also varied. Affordable interest rates and flexible repayment terms make it possible to realize the dreams of Russian citizens.
1. The loan "We reduce rates" allows you to get a loan of up to 50 thousand rubles at low interest rates - from 15%. Loan term varies from 1 to 3 years. Applications are considered within a few minutes.2. The loan "For 15 million rubles" can be issued for 20 years at rates from 10 to 26%. This is a secured loan, so the borrower will have to provide collateral - real estate.3. The Equal Payment product provides an amount from 25 thousand to 200 thousand rubles. The loan can be repaid ahead of schedule without additional fees and penalties. To obtain a loan, the client needs to provide only 1 document - a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.4. "Online lending" - this product is issued in a virtual mode. The available amount is 300 thousand rubles.5. Car loans allow you to purchase a vehicle. The borrower can buy a used car. The application is considered within 1 banking day. The available loan amount is 1 million rubles. The interest rate will be 19%.6. Credit cards are the most convenient and profitable way to get a loan. Their holders can buy goods with discounts or participate in bonus programs. However, the main advantage of credit cards is the interest-free period: within 56 days from the date of the first debit transaction, the borrower repays only the current debt without interest. concluded on their recommendation.