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Bitcoin (Bitcoin)

2016-06-14 00:00:00

Computer technologies make our life more comfortable. Thanks to IT products, a person learns information, creates graphic images and much more. Modern Internet developments have also affected the banking industry. Until quite recently, ordinary people could not even imagine that they would not stand in long queues in order to pay for services or purchases, pay utility bills or debts on loans: thanks to Internet banking , today all this can be done online.


Modern technologies in the banking business: convenience and comfort

In addition to remote services from conventional banks (such as VTB, Alfa-Bank, Gazprombank , etc.), many electronic payment systems have appeared on the World Wide Web. Their advantage is that they allow you to make various types of financial transactions, including international payments, with a minimum commission.

One of the most reliable and efficient EPS is Bitcoin . Electronic money of this company has spread all over the world. Although at the very beginning of its existence (2009), the payment system was not very popular. Its services were used mainly by specialists in the field of programming, but ordinary users were of little interest in the system.

But very little time passed, and Bitcoin attracted the attention of millions of people. And this is not surprising, because the payment system provides customers with wide opportunities and favorable conditions. EPS users are both ordinary citizens and people with a high position in society.

The cost of the electronic currency of the payment grew by leaps and bounds. Analysts say that cryptocurrency Bitcoin rose by 800 thousand%.


Key Features of EPS Bitcoin

The system has its own distinctive features that favorably distinguish it from similar servers.

  1. EPS has no owners and control centers. Access to the payment system is open to all users without restrictions. Programs, applications and wallets are installed on the user's computer.
  2. To trace the history of transactions, you just need to know the address of the system. History is not deleted under any circumstances. The information transfer system opens the database to all the company's clients. The ability to track the history of financial transactions completely eliminates the penetration of fraudsters and scammers into the user's account.
  3. Bitcoin provides several levels of interaction. The client has the right to choose protection and a set of services at his own discretion. In order to simply pay for purchases and services, it is enough to install a virtual or mobile application. If you need a wider range of services, then you should choose a complete package that allows you to manage accounts and view history.
  4. Client wallets are not frozen, payments are not suspended, and the value of the cryptocurrency does not change. This means that users can operate freely in the system. Commissions in this EPS are small and the same for all clients. But it should be understood that if a person has already sent his payment, then nothing can be changed. Therefore, before sending money, all data must be carefully checked.
  5. Users' money is reliably protected from thieves by a multi-level security system.

Bitcoin is a decentralized network that is reliable and has a high level of performance.


Bitcoin EPS evolved

The idea of creating an electronic currency arose back in 1998. Nick Szabo was the first to create a payment system with cryptocurrency . It was called " Beetgold ". This EPS worked until 2005. Then Satoshi took up the development of virtual money Nakamoto , this person (or organization - it is not known for certain) created 50 Bitcoin coins and tried to transfer them from one account to another. The price of a currency was calculated in this way: the power of a computer device was multiplied by the cost of electricity, and then this amount was divided by the number of coins.

A few years later, the digital currency Bitcoin has grown significantly in price. Exchangers and exchanges began to appear , which willingly accepted this type of cryptocurrency . Bitcoin started working in 2010 market . This service specialized in exchanging virtual money for real money and vice versa. And at the same time, one of the users managed to pay with bitcoins for pizza: he paid 10 thousand bitcoins for 2 pizzas. As a result, the rate of electronic money from Bitcoin has increased several times.

A little later, MtGox appeared on the Web . Thanks to this exchange, people got the opportunity to withdraw cryptocurrency into real life. In 2012, the service was attacked by hackers, who hacked into the database and user accounts, stealing the private melon data of customers. As a result, the Bitcoin currency fell slightly in price, and the exchange had to close for 7 days in order to restore the security system and improve the service.


Passion around Bitcoin

2013 was a very tumultuous year for Bitcoin . The company's currency then fell rapidly, then again took off "under the clouds." By the beginning of the year, 1 bitcoin cost $31, in April - $100, and a couple of months later - $266. Then the rate fell sharply. But after the fall, there was a rise again, and a very sharp one: at first 1 bitcoin cost $300, and then $1200.

The authorities of many countries became interested in the activities of the EPS. In some states, the work of the company was limited by the current legislation and the control of the authorities. This led to the fact that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin fell by 2 times.

Today, electronic money Bitcoin does not depend on anyone; it is quoted on a par with gold (but in the equivalent of virtual time).


Universal currency

Bitcoin is a universal electronic money that can be used to pay for goods and services and perform other financial transactions. This payment system has earned the trust of millions of users. The system operates worldwide. Restaurants and bars, cafes and shops, owners of Internet sites and virtual outlets, transport companies accept virtual currency from Bitcoin . In Europe, the United States, Asia and even Africa, there are banks that work with Bitcoin : here you can transfer electronic money into real money.

Opening an online wallet in the system is very simple. The interface is available in many languages of the world, and even a child can understand it.

Bitcoin payment system is also popular in Russia. The management of Yandex.Money stated that it is planned to create a currency similar to bitcoin .

However, there is an unpleasant moment in the operation of the system: it is constantly subjected to hacker attacks. Nevertheless, the payment system adequately copes with this problem, working to improve the security system.