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CentroCredit is a universal financial institution that provides services to corporate clients and individuals. The bank started its work in 1989. The activity of the company is sanctioned by the General License. The document was issued in December 2014 by the Central Bank of Russia.
The main direction of the company's work is banking investments. The management of CentroCredit pays special attention to expanding the range of services, developing modern services and establishing infrastructure. All financial statements of the company are created in accordance with international requirements.


HandyBank is a remote service, thanks to which customers can conduct payment transactions from their home computer. In virtual mode, you can:
• pay for the services of cellular and city telephony, Internet providers and commercial television, utilities, etc.; • transfer funds to accounts opened in the electronic payment systems Yandex.Money , WebMoney and others;
• make intra-system and interbank money transfers; • make payments using bank details (services of a kindergarten, school, healthcare institutions, etc.). Security systemInternet banking is equipped with a reliable security system. When carrying out financial transactions, the user does not enter his payment data, which means that he keeps his card number secret. Each transaction is accompanied by a one-time password, which is sent to the account owner's cell phone. The code is generated by a special program. Registration in the HandyBank system Access to Internet banking can be obtained by holders of CentroCredit bank cards (official website http://www.ccb.ru). To become a user of the online service, you must go through the standard registration procedure. By registering in the online bank, the client can download the Handy-Mobile mobile application to his phone and make financial transactions from portable devices (tablets or smartphones).

For corporate clients

The bank provides a wide range of services for legal entities: credit programs, cash collection, settlement and cash services, operations in the export-import market, and so on.
LendingFor corporate clients, CentroCredit offers several loan products: • financing of projects and investments; • credit lines; • overdrafts; You can get a complex structured loan from a bank. The advantage of lending from CentroCredit is an individual approach to each client. The terms of the conclusion of the contract are determined on the basis of the wishes of the client. The amount of the loan will depend on the solvency of the borrower. Interest rates range from 12 to 18% per annum.
A pledge (real estate, shares and bonds, authorized capital, etc.) or a surety can act as collateral. Leasing Private entrepreneurs and organizations can use the leasing service. One of the mandatory conditions for concluding leasing transactions is the execution of an insurance policy for property (CentroCredit reserves the right to choose an insurance agent). The terms of the contract are determined individually for each client. The amount of the down payment is 10-30%. Leasing is issued in domestic or foreign currency. Services of collectors The Bank will ensure the safety of cash funds of its customers. A financial institution provides several types of collection-related services: • delivery of cash to the bank (the schedule is agreed with customers); • transfer of finance to the company's bank account; • money recalculation; • transportation of cash and valuables along the routes indicated by the customer; cash desk of the enterprise (for example, to pay salaries to employees); • provision of change coins and banknotes of various denominations; • provision of cash collection services to organizations that do not have accounts with CentroCredit. Settlement and cash services The service includes: • opening and maintenance of a bank account; • non-cash settlements through the electronic payment system; • intra-bank, interbank and international money transfers; • preparation of financial statements and other types of accounting documentation; • provision of services of collectors and cash services; correspondence between clients and third-party credit institutions or audit companies; • withdrawal of a bank transfer, and so on.

For ordinary citizens

For individuals, a financial institution can offer all types of services: lending, deposits, payment cards, transfers, safes, and more.
Making Money TransfersCentroCredit Bank cooperates with the most popular money transfer systems Leader, Zolotaya Korona and Western Union. This allows you to transfer funds to people who live not only on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also abroad. Operations can be carried out both in rubles and in other types of currencies. When withdrawing money from CentroCredit branches, the recipient does not pay commission fees. Funds are credited instantly. To send or receive a transfer, it is not necessary to open a bank account.DepositsRussian citizens can open a term deposit with CentroCredit Bank. The company offers both ruble and currency products. The client can issue an invoice in US or European currencies, British pounds sterling, Israeli shekels.
The advantage of deposits from CentroCredit is: • no restrictions on additional deposits; • daily accrual of income; • the ability to choose the method of paying profits (interest can be transferred to a special account every month or paid at the end of the contract). The investor can conclude an agreement for a period of 3, 6, 9, 12 months. The interest rate in rubles reaches 8.5% (depends on the amount of the deposit and the term of the agreement). To open an account, you must invest an amount of at least 100 thousand rubles. The deposit can be replenished every month. The Tri-Currency product deserves special attention. Such accounts are opened simultaneously in several types of currencies: US dollars, Russian rubles and euros. The advantage of the deposit is the ability to convert the currency within the account. This allows you to save on commission fees that are accrued in normal exchange transactions. Interest income is paid at the end of the term. The deposit can be replenished. Interest rates depend on the currency: ruble account - 7%, eurodeposit - 1.8%, dollar - 2%. Payment cardsCentroCredit issues plastic cards. The company cooperates with VISA and MasterCard corporations. This opens up access to cash and non-cash payment methods around the world. Employees of the financial institution have developed a wide range of products. Each card is characterized by its features and capabilities.

1. VISA Electron Chip is a budget option that is suitable for various categories of citizens: students, the elderly and clients with low earnings. The document allows you to withdraw "real money" from ATMs, pay for services and purchases through payment terminals.
2. MasterCard Platinum Chip is designed for high-profile clients. It unlocks access to the Priceless Cities program. Holders of payment documents can freely enter museums, attend exhibitions and other events. The card provides discounts for the services of social facilities.
3. MasterCard contactless is an innovative product. To make a payment, the client just needs to touch the card to the screen of the reader. The payment document is a chip that can be mounted in a bracelet or keychain. Bank cards from CentroCredit are a guarantee of financial security. Documents are signed by the owner. When paying, the operator checks the signature on the check with the one on the card. The PIN code also ensures the security of funds. The bank administration strongly recommends keeping it in strict secrecy. In the event that the card is lost, the client must call the support service and block access to the account. The SMS notification service is automatically connected to payment instruments, thanks to which the client finds out the balance on the account, receives information about the expenditure or receipt of funds, as well as information on the success of the transaction.