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Profitable transfer from Qiwi to Bitcoin

Our contemporaries do not lack technical innovations and they have a lot to choose from. Progress has affected all spheres of life of modern mankind. Innovations have also invaded such a conservative, seemingly at first glance, direction, which is considered to be financial settlements.

Fast transfer of Bitcoins to rubles

What have we become, modern representatives of the human race? Of course, dependent on information and computing technology and technology, and the World Wide Web.

How Ethereum transactions are performed

An amazing ecosystem of alternative monetary units was born recently, only in 2009, and it was all started by the brilliant programmer Satoshi Nakamoto, who created the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

How is the price of Bitcoin formed? Part 1

People who have never dealt with the topic of cryptocurrencies often ask questions about the reasons for the high cost of Bitcoin. No one can understand why mysterious digital coins that cannot even be touched often rise in value. After all, we are dealing only with computer arithmetic code that someone invented.

How is the price of Bitcoin formed? Part 2

In the first part of the story, we talked about how the value of fiat money and bitcoins is formed, but why do financiers value cryptocurrency so highly? First of all, because earlier we perceived money as a means of payment, and payment systems as their instrument of transfer. Due to the fact that in the past, when conducting transactions, there were a number of different restrictions, we could not even imagine that in the future there will be special networks in which it will be possible to transfer real money equivalents.

The principle of Bitcoin functioning. The basics

Since the appearance of the first digital currency, many users of the virtual world have begun to study this financial phenomenon, which has no analogues. However, some of them do not fully understand the principle of the Bitcoin network, although there are no fewer interested in this issue. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of thematic articles written in different languages, while the technical and scientific terms used in them are extremely incomprehensible. In this material, we will outline the features of the network functioning in a more accessible language. To learn how Bitcoin works, you need to familiarize yourself with the history of its creation and its features and benefits.

The list of characteristics that make Bitcoin a means of payment

Bitcoin, born in 2009, is gaining increasing popularity. Despite the intrigues of opponents and the numerous barricades they have erected on the path of development, virtual coins are becoming more and more popular. Initially, it acquired a saving function, proving its superiority over fiduciary counterparts, but recently they have been partially transformed into a financial asset suitable for online and offline money settlements. \ N \ nWhat arguments are not used by opponents of the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies, hoping to detract monetary units. Sometimes their reasoning reaches the point of absurdity. The most interesting thing is that this lie, at times, pours from the highest tribunes and often from the lips of prominent economic and financial experts, whose delusions cannot be attributed to a lack of awareness.

Why is it profitable to save Bitcoins?

Most of us have a negative attitude towards hoarders, that is, people who save money instead of spending it on buying necessary things. A special kind of this category are Bitcoin collectors. They expect to make good money on the rate increase. But most cryptocurrency owners are in a hurry to get rid of virtual coins. In doing so, they are guided by the high ideals of popularizing digital money. But in reality, the situation is somewhat different.