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Fundamentals of the Bitcoin Economy

Forecasts regarding future technological development, the integration of new resources, as well as the advancement of maxims, taking into account the desires and interests of both individual states and individuals, may fundamentally differ from the assumptions made by a specific person. The theses put forward concerning the forthcoming reforms in the sphere of the world economy should not be taken for granted, since the experience and rank of an ordinary diviner can be questioned. Is it possible to declare with complete certainty about the indispensable fulfillment of predictable precedents?

Ten interesting facts about Bitcoin

The world was swept by a real cryptocurrency fever. But most peoples awareness of Bitcoin boils down to a few things that are common knowledge. Whereas the history of the formation of the first digital currency is literally replete with fascinating stories. Today we will talk about ten of the most curious facts that clearly reflect the characteristics of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: an explanation for mere mortals

The popularity of Bitcoin is growing rapidly around the world. However, some users, faced with this phenomenon for the first or tenth time, seek to understand deeper what this unique phenomenon is. Lets try to dot the is. \\ n \\ nIf you compare Bitcoin with a modern car, the technical component of the second of them will seem more complicated with each opening of the hood. However, as in the case of a car that can be repaired in a specialized car service, it is not necessary to know the entire technical component of its functioning in order to use Bitcoin.

What is the payment system from Google?

An exhaustive amount of information has been written about the benefits of using an electronic wallet on the Internet. But everyone who has decided to use virtual payment systems is faced with a choice - which service should be preferred by which company? What is the best, most secure and reliable resource?

Which payment systems do most people not approve of?

Modern man uses the Internet not only for information search, communication with relatives, entertainment, education. Today, such opportunities as paying for utilities, mobile communications, purchasing tickets, receiving and sending money transfers, and making purchases in online stores are gaining popularity. All this happens with the help of electronic money, which is a means for payments on the Internet.

How is security achieved in payment systems?

A simple, clear and elaborated to the smallest detail intuitive interface, multifunctionality, ease of making money transfers - this is what the developers of electronic payment services have paid and are paying attention to today. In the conditions of fierce competition in this specific niche of financial mutual settlements, every little thing has a certain meaning. Comparing the scale of such online services at the beginning of their development and now, we can say with confidence that at first the issue of ensuring security in payment systems was simply not a priority, as relevant as it is today.

What is the future of electronic payment systems?

The development of mankind is invariably associated with the improvement of an equally important component of our life - payment systems. Initially, there was barter, after which people switched to gold. The precious metal was replaced by coins and banknotes, and then by non-cash payments. At the present stage, there is an era of payment systems that operate in the global network and open endless opportunities for customers. But what is the future of electronic currencies? Can they replace fiat currency in the future, or is the potential for new money too weak?

Why do payment systems require passport data?

Only 2-3 years ago, payment systems informed users about the need to enter passport data when registering. At the same time, for some, this procedure became mandatory immediately, while others required information only when passing identification. With the emergence of a new requirement, users have a question why a passport is required in electronic payment systems, and where the information goes afterwards. The questions are logical, because the presence of personal data in the hands of outsiders can lead to a number of problems in the future. Below is discussed why to attach a passport in the most popular EPS today - Yandex.Money, PayPal, Webmoney and Qiwi.