Critical Situation with Transaction Confirmation in Bitcoin network

Last days of February the ecosystem of the major world cryptocurrency Bitcoin faced long-awaited problems: it became difficult to process transactions with standard and low commission

Industrial Mining on Bitcoin Farms

Seven years passed since the first Bitcoin had been mined. The virtual currency has risen through the ranks from total rejection and banning by banking systems of various countries and up to parity circulation in Chinese financial environment.

1970s Cryptography Achievements Contribute to Bitcoin Progress

Newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies face a challenge in terms of Bitcoin-addresses due to unique structure and lack of analogues of the latter. Surface similarity with e-mail addresses and possibility to create unlimited number of free wallets dece

Role of Chinese Cultural traditions in Determining Bitcoin Development Trends

The path of Bitcoin establishment wasn’t easy. Year after year the cryptocurrency has to face intrigues of antagonists.

Surreal Vision of the Future in the light of Blockchain

Blockchain establishment is a subject of the article published in the reputable economic magazine “The Economist”.

Decentralized Markets — The Future of Trade and Financial Relations

Well, it’s the time to question: “What or who makes the world go around?” Some would answer that finances rule the world.

Bitcoin and Gold and Yuan (A New Dilemma of Chinese Investors)

Predicting currency fluctuations is a thankless occupation. It is difficult to follow all the shades of modern financial life.

Modern Blockchain Platform for Online-Trading

​Mass commercialization of Internet has begun after it had been widely spread across the globe. World-Web has become a modern instrument for fast transactions and commercial data exchange.