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Credit Bank of Moscow

In the early 90s, a new financial structure appeared in the domestic banking business - the Moscow Credit Bank. The organization specializes in serving various categories of customers (ordinary citizens and legal entities). Users are offered both standard banking services and unique products developed on an individual customers order.

OTP Bank

The financial organization OTP Bank began its work in the mid-90s. Initially, the company was called Investsberbank, and since 2008 it has become known as OTP Bank. Significant in the life of the organization was the year 2006, when the company entered the developed financial network operating in the territory of European countries - the Group of Banking Organizations OTP (OTP Group). This step opened up new opportunities for the company. Now its employees could learn from the experience in providing banking services from the European parent company. The merger with a European corporation enabled the bank to develop in the direction of corporate and retail business.

Bank of Russia

Bank Russia began operations in the summer of 1990. It is the first commercial-type financial institution registered in the Russian Federation. The head office of the company is located in St. Petersburg. Bank services are used by both corporate clients and ordinary people. The organization provides a full package of financial services. The results of studies conducted by domestic and foreign rating agencies have shown that customer service is carried out at a high level.

Moscow Industrial Bank

Moscow Industrial Bank is of federal importance. The company specializes in providing banking services to private and corporate clients. Lending, plastic cards, deposit products, remote services, currency control, safe deposit boxes, project financing, and more - all these services are provided by the IIB. The financial organization helps industrial enterprises and other segments of the Russian economy by financing their projects. Today Today the company has a wide network of branches: the banks offices (273 branches) operate in 28 regions of our country.

Bank Russia

Rus is a financial institution that provides Russian citizens with mortgage lending and other banking products. The company was founded in 1990. Rus Bank is located in Orenburg. The activity of the enterprise is based on licenses granted by the Central Bank of Russia and is regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Here you can make deposits in various types of currencies. The company is a member of the Association of Banks of Russian Regions and the Association of Banks of the Russian Federation. Rus is a member of the state deposit insurance program, which indicates the reliability of the bank.

ING Bank

The financial group ING Wholesel Banking is one of the largest foreign banking organizations operating in the Russian Federation. More than 1,000 clients use the services of ING Bank. The company serves businesses and organizations. In Russia, the first branch of the bank was opened in 1993. The company is registered under the name JSC ING Bank (Eurasia).


In 1992, the first branch of the commercial bank Citibank appeared in Russia. This international financial organization was among the first to enter the domestic banking market. At the moment, the company has the largest authorized capital. In terms of assets, the organization is among the top largest banks operating in the Russian Federation. In 2015, the rating agency conducted research that showed that City Bank ranked 7th in terms of profitability. Citibank is a subsidiary of the financial network Citi. This corporation has a two-century history. Citis sphere of influence has spread to 160 countries, its customers are more than 200 million users. The companys services are used by individuals, commercial organizations and state enterprises.


The financial organization Rosbank has been operating in the Russian market for about two decades. The development of the bank was quite rapid, there were some turning points. The Rosbank company was established in 1998 on the basis of the financial organization Independence. The activity of the bank complies with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and is accompanied by state permits (in particular, License of the Central Bank No. 2272).


Financial organization Opening appeared on the domestic banking market in 1993. This is one of the largest commercial banks in Russia. Interfax conducted research that showed that at the end of 2015 the corporation had the largest portfolio of assets among private banks. The capital of the company amounted to 216 billion rubles. Otkritie Bank has spread throughout the Russian Federation: there is an official representative in every region of the country. In total, there are about five thousand retail outlets, branches and additional offices.


Promsvyazbank is a private financial institution whose services can be used by individuals and legal entities. The banks client base includes more than 2 million people and about 100 thousand companies and organizations. Branches of Promsvyazbank can be found in many Russian cities (about 300 retail outlets, eight and a half thousand ATMs (including equipment belonging to partners), 200 payment terminals). The banks geographic expansion has spread beyond the Russian Federation: the company has representative offices in neighboring countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan), Asia (China), India and Cyprus, one office operates in Switzerland. It is planned to open a branch in Hong Kong.