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ROBOKASSA is a domestic electronic payment system. The service was launched in 2008. The company provides users with services related to online acquiring of various types of payments intended for virtual stores and organizations. Previously, the system was called ROBOXchange and specialized in the exchange of cryptocurrencies. ROBOKASSA is an Internet platform that brings together various financial services into a single whole. The company provides its members with the opportunity to make and receive payments from a work or home computer. At the same time, the client does not need to register in various payment systems or open accounts with banking organizations. It is enough to issue a wallet in this payment system and through it to make financial transactions, transferring money to other EPS.


Leader is an international electronic payment system. The organization began its work in 2003. Payment managed to unite the inhabitants of the whole world. The companys client base includes several tens of millions of people. EPS services are available in almost all banking structures, retail outlets, ATMs and self-service terminals, on the World Wide Web. Managing an account opened in the Leader payment service is convenient and simple.


RUPay is an international payment service. Financiers, programmers, lawyers and other specialists from Ukraine and Russia worked on its creation. The name of the company is deciphered as follows: R - Russia, U - Ukraine, Pay - payments (Russian-Ukrainian payments). However, as a result of the development of the financial organization, its sphere of influence has expanded far beyond the borders of these two states. Today, RUPay services are used by residents of the post-Soviet countries and not only. The official creation date of the payment portal is October 7, 2002. The service integrates electronic payment systems. The developers of the site managed to create software that could be used to combine various EPS and currency exchange points into a single whole. The capabilities of the system are constantly expanding: new applications appear, modern services are included in the work. Since 2006, users have been allowed to conduct payment transactions, the amount of which was equal to 1 dollar.


Z-Payment is an online platform designed to conduct transactions in a virtual mode. The team that developed the service sees its mission in creating a favorable environment based on informative and technological innovations in which each person could develop, earn and realize their potential. Z-Payments mission is to take social relationships between users to the next level.

[email protected]

The [email protected] electronic payment server is the brainchild of the huge Mail.Ru corporation. The Go.mail.ru system includes various services (including paid ones), so it is not surprising that the companys management decided to create its own payment site, through which you can make financial transactions online. [email protected] started functioning in 2009. Initially, the EPS was tasked with providing financial services to clients of the Mail.Ru IT company (and there are several tens of millions of them).

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a server that specializes in processing electronic payments. The system is developed by Google, a popular IT technology company. This EPS is a convenient tool for paying for goods and services in virtual stores and services. The payment is easy to use: even a child can understand the interface; when making money transfers, you do not need to enter the details of the card account each time. Today, Google Checkout is integrated into the Google Wallet server, so the portals of many virtual outlets use the names of both sites. Initially, only US dollars were the official currency in the payment system, but in April 2007, pounds sterling (the banknotes that circulate in the UK) joined them.


Moneta.Ru is a domestic electronic system that appeared on the vastness of the Global Network in 2005. For ten years of painstaking work, the server has earned a reputation as a reliable and secure payment operator and has gained a large number of customers. The company specializes in providing services related to money transfers. The server offers users a billing platform, which is based on modern technologies. This is a great solution for small and medium businesses. The system is also convenient for virtual retail outlets: they can choose the most optimal method for accepting payments.


In 1998, a new server appeared on the Internet - the WebMoney electronic payment system. The development of EPS was rapid: in just a few years, the payment system gained international proportions. The company serves about 30 million customers. WebMoney services are used by ordinary people, private entrepreneurs and large companies and organizations. Payment options are very wide. In addition to various financial transactions (money transfers, account replenishment, payment for goods and services), EPS customers can:


Authorize.Net is an electronic service that allows you to pay for online purchases, IT products, website services. In this EPS, you can pay with both credit cards and electronic checks. Authorize.Net is one of the largest payment systems. Platazhka has a rather large client base, which includes more than 250 thousand people.


Rapida is a non-banking organization that specializes in lending to individuals and legal entities and providing services related to instant payments. The company was founded in 2001. The activity of the organization is sanctioned by the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This document allows the company to carry out various financial transactions and guarantees complete security for customers savings. The success of the financial structure is due to a transparent settlement system, favorable tariff plans and the latest technologies, thanks to which payments are made without delays and failures.