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Bank Revival

Vozrozhdenie Financial Company provides banking services to individuals, organizations and enterprises. Bank Vozrozhdenie opened its branches in all regions of Russia: in almost every big city there is an official representative of the company. The financial organization began its activity 2 decades ago. Almost from the very beginning of its existence, the bank has been one of the largest Russian companies. The banking network consists of 125 branches, 2,000 ATMs. The customer base of Vozrozhdenie is quite large. More than 63,000 organizations and 1,700,000 ordinary Russians use the banks services.


Svyaz-Bank is a universal financial and credit organization. The main stake in the company (more than 99%) belongs to Vnesheconombank. The sphere of influence of Svyaz-Bank has spread to 53 regions of our country (more than a hundred retail outlets). The bank specializes in providing financial services to ordinary citizens and corporate clients. The organization also operates in the international financial market. The partners of Svyaz-Bank are small and large companies from various economic sectors. This financial organization closely cooperates with enterprises representing such areas of the domestic economy as communications (for example, Russian Post) and energy.

VTB North-West

VTB North-West (NWRC - North-West Regional Center) is part of the VTB group of financial companies. NWRC started its operations in March 2011. VTB North-West manages banking branches, the scope of which covers the northwestern region of Russia. The task of the NWRC is to provide a high level of customer service, develop banking products that would meet the needs of residents of a particular region, and provide access to modern services.

Bank Saint-Petersburg

Commercial financial organization Saint-Petersburg is a public joint-stock company. The central office of the bank is located in St. Petersburg. Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the largest regional financial organizations in our country. The company was registered in autumn 1990 as Lenbank JSC. A year later, the bank was renamed St. Petersburg. The summer of 1998 was marked by the fact that the Central Bank of Russia allowed this financial institution to issue cards with which Russians could withdraw cash. As a result, the bank offered its customers new products related to lending (credit cards, loans to current and foreign currency accounts, etc.).

Single Wallet W1

The W1 Single Wallet payment service is part of the W1 online financial system. Initially, the task of the service was to provide an Internet platform for making electronic payments and providing services related to telephony and video hosting. But over time, the capabilities of the system have expanded significantly. The W1 electronic wallet started its activity in 2007. Its owner is a limited liability company 02. The company is registered in the Russian Federation.


RosselkhozBank is one of the largest banking structures operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. The company was founded in 2000. The founders of the bank saw its purpose in lending to agricultural enterprises. Today RosselkhozBank is a universal organization, the services of which can be used by all categories of clients:

UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank is the largest financial network with a wide sphere of influence. Citizens of a dozen European countries actively use the services of the company. Through the organization, you can make financial transactions between banks operating in the territory of 50 states. The network consists of 7 thousand branches and departments. It has 125 thousand employees. The concept of the bank implies the provision of virtually unlimited financial opportunities for customers of various categories.


Unicarta is a payment service that allows you to make payments on the Global Network. With the help of a payment card, you can purchase goods in virtual stores, pay for domains and hosting, replenish the balance of entertainment sites, make money transfers and carry out other financial procedures.


EPS TeleMoney is a modern service that provides Internet users with virtually unlimited opportunities in the field of payment transactions. Payments made through the system are characterized by a high level of security and reliability. Payment cooperates with virtual stores, sites that provide paid services, financial institutions, and more.


The WebCreds payment service is a project developed by Web Systems Limited Liability Company. This is a young, but very promising electronic system with which you can conduct various financial transactions in a virtual mode. EPS began its activities in 2008. During this period, the world economy significantly weakened as a result of the crisis that engulfed almost all countries. It would seem that a young enterprise will not be able to withstand strong competition and survive in an environment where economic and political instability reigns.