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PayPal is ranked among the most popular electronic payment systems. It is used by citizens of many countries. However, it cannot be said that this payment system is available in all states. Analysts distinguish three levels of accessibility of the PayPal system. The degree of accessibility depends on where the user lives. •Level 1 provides for a wide range of possibilities: EPS customers can conduct all financial transactions; • at the 2nd level, the possibilities are somewhat limited: users can only make money transfers (receive and send money); • Level 3 only allows you to pay for goods or services. In some countries, PayPal does not officially work, however, during registration, the user can cheat a little and indicate one of the states where the payment system operates legally, for example, Russia.

master card

MasterCard is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The company was founded in the mid 60s. last century. Its main specialization was the provision of banking services to the population, enterprises and organizations. MasterCard confidently took its place under the rays of the financial sun in 1980 (during this period the organization issued about 55 million payment cards). In 2002 the company was transformed into a Joint Stock Company. By this time, MasterCard was so firmly on its feet that it was able to compete with the world-famous Visa payment system.

RBK Money

RBK Money is an electronic payment system that allows you to make almost all financial transactions from a personal computer device (stationary or portable). To pay for a communal apartment, communication services or simply transfer money to relatives, you just need to click the mouse button a few times. Payments are made instantly, with no additional fees to pay.


In 1999, a new financial structure Contact began to operate on the territory of the Russian Federation. The company is still operating today. The organization was the first in Russia to provide citizens with services related to money transfers. To become a client of the system, you do not need to open a bank account. The system of money transfers Contact was created on the basis of the bank Russlavbank. At the moment, this payment service is very popular. The sphere of its influence has spread far beyond the borders of our Motherland: the companys branches operate in the states of the post-Soviet space and in other countries. Contact occupies a leading position in terms of the number of payments made and the number of customers. Contact operates in 150 countries. This is a huge payment network, which includes more than 400 thousand branches, departments and retail outlets. The management of the payment system has entered into a cooperation agreement with almost a thousand banks, financial institutions and enterprises. Analysts say that the share of Contact accounts for almost half of all money transfers that are made on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the Central Bank of Russia, this system is of national importance.


Eleksnet is a novelty in the field of domestic banking business. This financial structure was created at the turn of the millennium (2000). She was the first to provide Russian users with the opportunity to make instant financial transactions (payment for purchases and services, money transfers, etc.) online. The company can rightfully be called a pioneer in the market where payments are made through terminals or ATMs. Eleksnet is a single network of ATMs, which are managed through the central office. To date, the organization serves more than 4 thousand payment terminals. The sphere of influence of the financial structure has extended to 50 regions of the Russian Federation.


Sberbank is the oldest banking structure in Russia. Its history began 170 years ago. And today citizens of the Russian Federation trust the bank with their savings. It is safe to say about Sberbank that this is the most reliable financial enterprise. Branches and branches of the company are located in every locality of the country. But the sphere of influence of the bank has spread far beyond the borders of Russia: Sberbank offices can be found in almost all states of the post-Soviet space. In total there are more than 20 thousand branches.

Russian Standard Bank

In recent years, non-cash payments have become very popular. This is very convenient, especially when unexpected purchases are made or the goods are very expensive. Services related to non-cash payments are provided by all banks, including the large financial structure Russian Standard Bank. But the list of the companys capabilities is not limited to this type of financial transactions.

MTS Bank

The name MTS and the logo in the form of an egg on a red background are associated by most people with a company that specializes in providing cellular services, as well as high-speed Internet communications. MTS Bank and telephony operator MTS are part of the same structure.

Ak Bars Bank

Banking organization AK BARS The Bank has been operating since 1993. Trying to keep up with global trends in the banking business, the employees of the enterprise use modern technologies, develop effective programs, offer users new products and services that make the life of ordinary people more comfortable and functional. One such service is contactless payments.

Alfa Bank

Alfa-Bank is one of the ten largest financial institutions operating in the Russian Federation. The company has subsidiaries operating abroad. The United States of America, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Great Britain - in these countries there are banks whose work is directly related to Alfa-Bank. Branches of the company are also open in neighboring countries. Approximately half a thousand branches were dispersed on the territory of Russia and other countries. The headquarters of the organization is located in Moscow. The financial structure takes care of the comfort of its customers and offers various types of services that can make life easier for a modern person.