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Universal financial organization URALSIB refers to banks of federal significance. The company offers a variety of services for private clients and legal entities. Priority is given to retail, corporate and investment areas of work. URALSIB is one of the largest banks in Russia. This financial network consists of 6 branches, 274 retail outlets, 535 self-service terminals and more than 24,000 POS terminals.


In 1996, a new financial institution called Raiffeisenbank appeared in Russia. The company specializes in providing services to both private clients and legal entities. The Bank is available to citizens of the Russian Federation and other states. Financial transactions are carried out in domestic currency and foreign banknotes. The banks activities are controlled by the Department for Supervision of Credit Institutions.

Bank Trust

The National Bank Trust was established in the mid-1990s. Today it is one of the largest financial companies providing retail banking services: at the end of 2015, the organizations assets amounted to more than 253 billion rubles, and the banks income increased by 4.5 billion rubles. 2014 was a difficult period for the company, and the management of the National Bank Trust turned to the Central Bank of Russia with a request for financial assistance. Measures were taken to bring the enterprise out of the crisis: Otkritie Financial Corporation and Otkritie Holding invested in Trust. Since then, the company has been part of the Otkritie financial group.

System Capitalist

At the mention of the word capitalist, an association involuntarily arises with a person using the available funds to increase his money. It is this principle that was the basis of the resource of the same name. And today the Capitalist system is a convenient platform for users who work with electronic payments. The unique possibilities of the resource open up wide opportunities for finding investors, establishing relationships with new partners, as well as implementing interesting projects.


The non-state pension fund KITFinance occupies a leading position among domestic financial institutions providing pension services to Russian citizens. Clients of KITFinance can be confident in the future.

Absolut Bank

Absolut Bank is a universal financial organization. The company started its activity more than 20 years ago - in 1993. Its main shareholder is PJSC United Credit Systems. According to rating agencies, Absolut Bank has the highest degree of creditworthiness. In 2016, the companys assets amounted to 256 billion rubles. The Bank is one of the strategically important financial structures: in 2015, the Russian Government allocated 6 billion rubles for the development of the company.


IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) is one of the divisions of the financial network of the World Bank. The company arose thanks to the cooperation of the UN and the International Monetary Fund. It performs the role of an interstate investment institution. The bank began its activity in 1946. The headquarters of the financial organization is located in Washington. The IBRD provides financial support for the economic development of countries that have signed a cooperation agreement with the bank. The company takes an active part in the formation of international trade relations.

Nordea Bank

Joint Stock Company Nordea Bank is included in one of the largest financial groups in Western Europe Nordea (the parent company is located in Stockholm). This corporation ranks 48th in terms of authorized capital. International rating agencies rate Nordea as a reliable and promising bank. Subsidiaries of the corporation operate in the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic states. There are also in Russia. There are more than 700 branches and departments in total. The clients of the financial group are more than 10 million individuals and legal entities.


The Zenit financial company began its activity in 1994. Its founders were the oil concern Tatneft, the Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russia and several other organizations. The total value of the banks assets is 312.6 billion rubles. Bank Zenit specializes in servicing enterprises and companies from various sectors of the economy. The bank can also offer a full package of financial services to private clients: all types of loans, deposits, payment cards, safes, and more. Not the last place in the activities of the organization is occupied by investment projects.

Khanty-Mansiysk Bank

Khanty-Mansiysk Bank (KMB) is a universal financial network providing retail banking services to corporate clients and individuals. The banking structure is among the 20 largest credit systems operating in the Russian Federation. After research conducted by international rating agencies Moody`s (B2) Standard & Poor`s (B+), the bank has gained a reputation as a reliable company serving customers at the highest level.